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I’m back from the playa with a shiny ring on my finger and a new last name!

Happy Feet

We’re accumulating all the wonderful photos and videos from the ceremony, and then I will start posting our fabulous wedding outfits. Couldn’t be prouder of them, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. In the meantime, here’s another sneak (and continuation of last post’s sneak) from the amazing Blake Gardner. Not only did he bring his camera and talent to capture so many magical moments, but he created quite a few of them himself!

It’s taking me a little while to integrate back into the world after Burning Man. After months of preparation and two weeks away I’m finally asking myself “what next?” The future begins to exist again once we return from the playa; now I’m ready for autumn and less manic work!

See that tiny dot of sun? I danced my heart out through that entire dust storm to keep the Nukies from despair. Total white out!

I’ve got lots of great projects on the horizon, and will also be posting costumes and other works from Burning Man.




Barely time to breathe! And we’re leaving for Burning Man on Wednesday! In addition to playa prep (which gets more ambitious every year), camp design, and renovations for the Sensatron, I’m working on costumes for an upcoming show, creating outfits of varying complexity for camp-mates, keeping up with Etsy sales, taking some custom orders, and oh yeah, getting every detail figured out for our wedding!

I have an enormous “to do” list, but I really think I’ll get it all done! I’ve been working on Burning Man projects all year, and am still cramming for the last few weeks!

Blogging has obviously not been on the radar at all, but I do have a little taste of one of my fabulous recent projects:

I’ll try to put something together for you guys to look at while I’m gone!




Gypsy vest made it to the front page of Craftster. I used to be really into Craftster, but have been spending more time on individual blogs lately. Still, it’s a cool community with lots of resources and inspiration.

Craftster front page

Meanwhile, I’m spending my unemployment very busy! I’ve been making lots of seat covers for Villy Customs, including three that need to be sent out ASAP.

work in progress

I also have some totally kick-ass costumes in the works. I’m doing work for a magic show, plus lots of fabulous Burning Man designs!

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