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A recent email from a reader reminded me that I remade the classic Pink Lion costume way back in 2015. Whoops!

Pink Lion 2.0 (aka Pink Lion the Pink) is the silky tuxedo version of the dryer-singed original.

IMG_7806 (1)IMG_7810 (1)The new look features a shaggier, more luxurious mane, as well as a stuffed bowtie (he insists it’s all real). The gold zipper is replaced with a satin placket and gold buttons which is more formal that functional.

The pants have been remade in a lovely poodle minky (it’s technically called rosebud minky but whatever) with ankle tufts and a gold metallic waistband. Top and bottom are lined with pink satin. The new tail is sassier than ever!

IMG_7825 (1) I made an alternate set for this costume in 2016 that included a furry onesie, spandex manties, zipper mask, and a hood mane that exposed the back and chest. I like a modular costume wardrobe and now he has several options!

IMG_2738 IMG_3992




One of the joys of Halloween is feeling like a kid, and a great way to harness that nostalgia is with a classic costume. My client wanted to be a skeleton, the best damn skeleton at the party! As I said during a fitting, “A tuxedo is a tuxedo, but some tuxedos are fancier than others!”

blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne

blacklight skeleton costume, made by JulianneOf course a well-fitting foundation is key to a badass costume, so I drafted a custom bodysuit pattern. There’s a center front zipper for easy dressing and toilet access. I used a black spandex for the base, and holo-printed spandex for the bones. I made the gloves and painted the shoes.

blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne

The bones were based on the client’s own body, and I got the anatomical details from research.

After I sketched the bones there were many steps involved in cutting and sewing every single edge. Then I outlined the bones using glow in the dark puff paint – a ton of puff paint! I wanted all the details to really fluoresce under all the blacklights and I must say it looks pretty awesome.

blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne

This was my client’s first foray into adult costuming, and he went all out with the facepaint.  Now that he has a bodysuit pattern on file, I’m anticipating a surprising new trend in his wardrobe!

blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne







Fluevog Kingdom

Not only is Fluevog an excellent design line, they’re also a cool company to work for. My friend Tanaya runs their French Quarter store, and commissioned a dress for their company retreat costume party in Canada this summer. The theme for the party was Moonrise Kingdom, and Tanaya already had the perfect Fluevog saddle shoes for a Suzy look, as well as a designer friend who loves all Wes Anderson movies.

Fluevog saddle shoesRather than taking a cosplay approach to the retro Suzy look I decided to design a dress to compliment the shoes while still fitting into the film’s aesthetic. Why follow someone else’s design when I can make my own?

Fluevog Kingdom What a cutie! Another concern for this design was that the dress be versatile enough to fit into her regular wardrobe. Of course I drafted the simple pattern myself.Fluevog Kingdom dressThe fabrics are all from Joann. The blue polyester has great texture and a little bit of stretch. I layered ivory knit lace over black satin and obviously had fun playing with the pattern layout. The zipper is a vintage metal one from my stash for that authentic touch.

Fluevog Kingdom dress

We didn’t win the costume contest but I’m satisfied that my mission was accomplished!Fluevog Kingdom dressNow that I’ve broken the seal maybe I’ll do better about posting more projects. Happy New Year!

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