I’ve got a thing for purple pants. Purple is a neutral color in my wardrobe; it goes with pretty much everything I own. These purple jeans are rocking my world these days and we are kicking ass together.

purple pants, made by Julianne

I drafted the pattern over the summer to be made from lightweight woven cottons, so this stretch denim was a bit of an experiment. I’m happy overall with how the pattern translated between fabrics, but I do suspect that the horizontal wrinkles throughout this version are due to the stretchiness. So I guess that means I’ll need to make another experiment, maybe next time in cobalt corduroy…

purple pants, made by JulianneYep, center back zip. It gives me the fit I want and is really great for Vespa riding.

purple pants, made by Julianne purple pants, made by JulianneLooking at these photos, I’m inspired to add some grape accents to pull out the contrast of the zipper color. Nothing a little paint can’t handle.

Of course, there’s more purple fabric earmarked for pants!