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green birdy tangerine skull avocado bird cover

Oh my, how could I have been so negligent of my website over the past 6 weeks?! I try to hold myself to posting one new project a week. I’m of course making things constantly, so the output isn’t a problem, but I’m not so great at documentation. Often I’m working on little projects, or busy with big but boring orders at work, and sometimes it seems like those things wouldn’t be so interesting on the website–they don’t necessarily contribute to the portfolio I’m try to build up. But rest assured: I am always making something.

Lately all my bike seat covers have had a tropical feel to them, and I keep thinking about fruit as I mix my colors. Could this be the manifestations of a daiquiri deficiency?

green birdy detail tangerine skull detail avocado bird cover detail

The swallows are always classic, and I’m really enjoying painting the calaveras. There’s a great opportunity for colors and designs, and the shape is perfect for a bike seat.

I’ve gone back to the original drawstring seat closure, instead of the elastic I’d been using for the past few months. It’s more work, but it’s what I’m feeling nowadays.

drawstring drawstring

These seats are all up in my Etsy shop, which I am trying to get more diligent about–posting things more regularly, polishing the listings, and everything else I get a little lazy about.

Soon I will be getting a shiny new overlock machine as a collaborative birthday gift, and then the Burning Man costumes are going to come flying!




Well who doesn’t love peacocks? They are bizarre and unpractical but absolutely mesmerizing, and talk about that color scheme! They’re the perfect subject for a new edition of removable bicycle saddle covers.

peacocky seat peacocky seat

peacocky seat peacocky seat peacocky seat

Yes, all five are hand painted on recycled canvas. They are coated in a UV-proof and durable glossy sealant. The sides are made out of a spandex that has a slight sheen to it.

peacocky seat peacocky seat peacocky seat

I had a lot of fun painting all of these together. I was constantly mixing paint to create the luscious colors, and it was fun to re-interpret the designs of the tail feathers every time.

peacocky seat All of these seats are finished with lacy underwear elastic. It seems to me that the underside of the saddle is your bicycle’s panties!

I think any of these seat covers would look awesome on bikes that are blue, green, yellow, white, or even purple.

These seat covers are up in my Etsy shop right now!




This new batch of seat covers is a synthesis of many earlier versions, but I feel like I’ve finally gotten everything right. Check them out in my Etsy shop!

cycledelic saddle cover cycledelic saddle cover cycledelic saddle cover

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cycledelic saddle coverThe tops are all hand painted and original designs. The glossy sealant makes the saddle covers UV-proof, water-resistant, and highly durable to butt-wear. The sides are made out of some truly fabulous spandex with elastic around the bottoms to keep the covers fitting tight (I loved using underwear elastic for some of the covers).

Within each set there are differences in the drawings and color, so that even though I made three swallow seats each one is unique.

What’s great about these covers is that the painting allows me to do some really fabulous designs as well as customization. I’m currently working on two different designs that feature college mascots.

swallow bicycle seat covers Swallow bicycle seat cover Swallow bicycle seat cover

The fact that they are removable covers make them less of an investment to the customer. I love that they are so easy to store and I can ship them for almost nothing. Plus, I get to share my dual loves of bicycles and making things!

I’ll be selling these in some upcoming LA markets, and they’re always available in my Etsy store!

If anyone’s got some suggestions for new seat designs, particularly more masculine covers, I’d love to hear it!

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