24 April 2011 by

green birdy tangerine skull avocado bird cover

Oh my, how could I have been so negligent of my website over the past 6 weeks?! I try to hold myself to posting one new project a week. I’m of course making things constantly, so the output isn’t a problem, but I’m not so great at documentation. Often I’m working on little projects, or busy with big but boring orders at work, and sometimes it seems like those things wouldn’t be so interesting on the website–they don’t necessarily contribute to the portfolio I’m try to build up. But rest assured: I am always making something.

Lately all my bike seat covers have had a tropical feel to them, and I keep thinking about fruit as I mix my colors. Could this be the manifestations of a daiquiri deficiency?

green birdy detail tangerine skull detail avocado bird cover detail

The swallows are always classic, and I’m really enjoying painting the calaveras. There’s a great opportunity for colors and designs, and the shape is perfect for a bike seat.

I’ve gone back to the original drawstring seat closure, instead of the elastic I’d been using for the past few months. It’s more work, but it’s what I’m feeling nowadays.

drawstring drawstring

These seats are all up in my Etsy shop, which I am trying to get more diligent about–posting things more regularly, polishing the listings, and everything else I get a little lazy about.

Soon I will be getting a shiny new overlock machine as a collaborative birthday gift, and then the Burning Man costumes are going to come flying!


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