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For this slice of New Orleans life, we’re living upstairs from my old apartment. My best friends Maria and Patrick are in the other upstairs apartment, and we have breakfast together on our back porch. Soon after our arrival, Maria told me about a dream in which she found a nest of baby alligators, and they were all pink. It’s such a charming swamp discovery. And so: fanny pack!

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

I used glitter vinyl, one of my favorite materials. The baby gator was cut with an exacto, carefully sewn, and the edges were finished with puff paint. I used puff paint for the teeth and claws too.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

Such meticulous puff painting! I practice almost every night. I omitted the planned eyes, because this magic alligator sees through dream visions, of course.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

I really love these findings! The metal parachute clasp is so smooth and shiny, and I love the durability of a brass zipper. The piping is reflective plastic, given to me years about by Patrick. The sides and backing are a metallic printed denim, and the lining is waterproof rip-stop nylon.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

There’s a zipper pocket with contrast lining, as well as a slim pocket for ID. Enough pockets to keep your gear safe and accessible, but still easy to look through in a dark party.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

It was a lot of fun to make, and since we share a studio space and live in adjoining apartments it was hard to keep secret! But I managed to keep it together.

baby pink alligatorIt’s seen a lot of action since our swampy Xmas celebration, but I don’t think the little critter has a name yet. Maybe it will earn a playa name at Burning Man this year!




IMG_7069 IMG_7070 IMG_7072 IMG_7073


IMG_7076 IMG_7088

IMG_7084 IMG_7093

IMG_7074 IMG_7098 IMG_7100

The design has come a long way since the original convertible backpack. I got this groovy outdoor upholstery print from Joann, same with the aqua ripstop lining and blue nylon bottom. The zippers are from my stash (I love the brass teeth on colored tape!). The strap was cut from the last backpack purse, and is made from black nylon webbing sandwiched between two layers of thin cotton webbing.

I’m looking forward to many years with this purse, and it was great to sneak time away from my constant work schedule to make something for myself. It’s one of my ultimate acts of self-care.




I love little projects that use scraps of pretty fabrics, so zipper bags are right up my alley.

These bags are made with a layer of vinyl between the exterior and lining fabrics. This water-resistant shell also helps contain odors, specifically of the marijuana variety. You can carry your piece and green in this little wallet, and when you rummage through your purse at your doctor’s office the room won’t be filled with the aroma of better times.

The first bag is rainbow and psychedelic: zipper stash bag, made by Julianne

The rainbow is one of the last scraps from my husband’s shorts!zipper stash bag, made by Julianne

The second bag is made with a scrap of Kenyan cotton and a random remnant: zipper stash bag, made by Julianne

zipper stash bag, made by Julianne

I carry one of these bags myself, and I’ve been totally satisfied with the olfactic barrier

Both of these bags got snapped up in my Etsy shop, so maybe I should make more? Gotta get your smoke on!

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