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I recently photographed several new projects, but while those pictures linger on my hard drive please enjoy my favorite new leggings.

pink cosmic leggings, made by JulianneIt’s my own pattern, at this point very well tailored to my booty. The spandex came from Fabric Planet and I’m also making some bikram yoga shorts (aka manties) for The Pink Lion.

Of course the shirt is also my own design, and the sparkly gold hat was made by Annie.

pink cosmic leggings, made by Julianne pink cosmic leggings, made by JulianneI’m totally loving the socks and sandals look and I think I’ve finally figured out how to pull it off (but that’s not really up to me, is it?). I got these Reiker sandals in Munich in 2009, and they are my most comfortable shoes as long as I’m also wearing socks. At this point I have quite a collection of socks that I wear with my beloved orange sandals! My teenage self would be appalled at this, and there’s a good chance that my mom is too.

pink cosmic leggings, made by Julianne

These pictures were taken around the Venice Canals, after my husband and I rode bikes to our favorite bar on the beach for frothy Xmas beers.


That’s my kind of white Christmas!

Also Troop Beverly Hills is finally on Netflix! It’s pretty funny and wonderfully campy, and a little heavy on the ‘shopping is life’ mantra (and even though they sweep it away at the end, the message is still there). Here’s the troop from Mar Vista ordering 42 boxes of cookies! I was a hard-core Girl Scout for many years and though I kicked butt at cookie sales I don’t miss it.

Troop Beverly Hills, Mar Vista

Still way too busy and stressed, but getting through the days. Follow me on Instagram for more regular updates. Happy New Year!

pink cosmic leggings, made by Julianne




I have always loved stripes, and although I obviously love colors, sometimes you just can’t beat a good black and white combo.

black and white stripes leggings, made by Julianne

Each year this design is my #1 seller for Burning Man costumes. The pattern is my own design, for comfortable fit and stripe convergence.

black and white stripes leggings, made by Julianne black and white stripes leggings, made by Julianne

These leggings are made out of slinky lycra that stretches 175% its original size! So they are equally perfect for dancing and gorging at a feast. You can get them in my Etsy shop now!




I wrote this post in the summer of 2011! I can’t imagine why I didn’t publish it then, but here it is now. All these leggings have long been sold, by the way.

Leggings seem to be my bread and butter nowadays. I feel like I’ve developed a pretty good rhythm for the construction, and my technique has come a long way too.

quills leggings aqua cirque peppermint leggings

peppermint leggings quills leggings aqua cirque leggings

BTW, looking at these pictures makes me feel like I need to start doing more booty exercises. I may have hang-ups about my waist or belly, but there’s nothing but pride for butt and that’s the kind of motivation that works for me. I don’t ever want to stop having my 23 year old behind cause I love it (and it still looks good).




Early February in Los Angeles means that I’m planning my summer wardrobe. I’m only half kidding.

contrast tank, made by Julianne

Not only were all the fabrics used for this tank scraps, but they were scraps from projects that I sold. That is stash-busting with a vengeance! Also, it took about 20 minutes.

contrast tank, made by Julianne

The yoke fabric is a cotton-lycra blend, and the awesome geo-delic print at the bottom is pure synthetic. I feel like I need a red bra to wear with this.

contrast tank, made by Julianne

BTW, I totally just wore this outfit to my doctor’s office. I tried to put on regular pants, but just couldn’t do it, and every single person who I encountered did a head-to-toe double take. Also, all you ladies get your HPV vaccines ASAP.

contrast tank, made by Julianne contrast tank, made by Julianne

You may recognize the leggings from my Animal Collective tee–this is my spirit fabric!

contrast tank, made by Julianne contrast tank, made by Julianne

Even I’m only just able to go out bare-legged, tanks are always great for layering. Huzzah!




I made this whole outfit in the last week, and all of the fabrics were remnants! Even the cardigan was thrifted from Out of the Closet, bringing the total price of this outfit to $9. I didn’t intentionally wear all my new clothes together, but that just shows how satisfied I am with the recent sewing.

made by Julianne made by Julianne

I made this skirt as an alternative to my purple skirt, which I’ve been wearing about 5 times a week all winter. I love that I can be working in our apartment in my leggings, and then just throw on either of these skirts and drive to dinner or do errands on my bike.

denim skirt, made by Julianne denim skirt, made by Julianne

I used the wrong side of a denim remnant (about 1/2 yd, $.50) with a tiny bit of stretch. The waistband was pieced together from denim scraps. The silver linen waistband was a long, narrow strip left over from a friend’s painting. And the back pockets are from my husband’s button-up shirt. The zipper and button were also from my stash.

tank top, made by Julianne lycra leggings, made by Julianne

The tank top also came from Fabric Planet’s remnant bin (1/2 yd, $.50!), and is copied from a tank that my mom sent a few years ago. It’s a slinky cotton jersey, and seems to go with everything I own. The striped straps are scraps from leggings. I also made a pair of panties using the leftover fabric and some elastic from my sewing cabinet.

I made the leggings using two remnants of medium-weight lycra ($1). They’re stretchy, neutral, and have been keeping me warmer than I expected. I’ve been very discriminating against synthetics, but now I’m trying to expand my mind.

It’s a completely new outfit, and while I certainly didn’t need more clothes, each piece is very versatile. Although I bought new fabrics, I also used up a few pieces in my stash. I think this outfit was $9 well spent!

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