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I love my Ravey Crockett hat so much that I decided the idea deserved a second round of design.

For Ravey Crockett 2.0, I used a fur that’s more fluffy than hairy. I think it’s a more surreal texture, more like a Muppet and less like a pink version of an earth creature.  Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne

This new version has ambiguous ears! The hat can be worn as part of a cat costume, or it can compliment a unique character. Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne

But perhaps the most exciting change is meant to be invisible! I inserted an invisible zipper in the lining, which opens up to a secret stash pocket. The pocket is about 4×6″, big enough for a phone, some money, some little baggies filled with treasure… When closed, the zipper pull is in the corner of the lining, so not too obvious for any nosy searches.

There’s a loop at the base of the tail so that the hat can be clipped to a utility belt. The hat is fun to wear and secure to not wear. Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne

It’s obviously the perfect hat for Burning Man, so I think you should buy one now!

Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne


PROFESSIONAL PJs: scrappy summer camisoles


In any day, my schedule may include sewing at home, meeting with clients, and running errands on bike. What kind of outfit is appropriate and comfortable for all these activities? I’m developing ‘professional pajama’ style, for creative professionals who work from home. It’s going to be a movement!

The first entry into this bold new category of dress code is a camisole. I drafted the pattern and jumped right in with this sample. It was fun to make, and gave me lots of ideas for a second top, in terms of design and process.

rainbow camisol, made by Julianne

rainbow camisol, made by Julianne rainbow camisol, made by Julianne

The rayon drawstring pants are also part of this comfy fashion lifestyle.

I was so happy with the first top that I immediately made a second. I got more ambitious for the back, but unfortunately sewed the center back panels together along the wrong side. Since the jersey is so stretchy the design still works, but I was going for a neater fit. Next time!

scrappy camisol, made by Julianne scrappy camisol, made by Juliannescrappy camisol, made by Julianne

Both versions are made mostly from scrap jerseys I’ve saved from other projects, and a few fabrics I have stashed away in my cabinet. Some of the seaming is structurally motivated, and some of it was designed for the small and odd-shaped scraps available. The cups are lined with a second layer of jersey, and I used 1/4″ elastic at the underbust seam to offer a bit of support.

scrappy camisol, made by JulianneIt’s been tank-top weather in LA since February, and these two tops have been in heavy rotation. They go with everything, are very comfortable, and feel ‘me’. Posting these tops together makes it easy to see the design evolution, and it makes me excited for what else this can become!

As always, thanks go to my husband for the photography.




Somehow in the mad rush that is preparing to leave for Burning Man, I whipped up some new shorts for my husband.

However I forgot that I was supposed to line them, and the loosely woven fabric started pulling while he wore them on the playa. Now they have a comfy, worn-in attitude that only comes from giant patches and after-the-fact lining.

rainbow pants, made by Julianne

I got this polyester upholstery fabric from Fabric Planet in Venice, and used 1 yard for the shorts. The fabric wasn’t quite wide enough, so I found a gray twill in my stash and used it all up on the side panels, waistband, and pockets. The lining fabric sat in my stash for only a few weeks, and was left over from a client’s project.

rainbow pants, made by Julianne

rainbow pants, made by Julianne

Our last name is Siadek and I love the little gold S pattern.

It’s a pattern that I drafted myself and tweaked over the years, and I feel like I’ve finally achieved a good fit for Jason. So now I’m just going to make 5 new pairs.

rainbow pants, made by Julianne

He calls these his ‘dress shorts’ and wears them to parties and other fun events, usually with sandals and his purple shirt (which I think is his favorite). He really loves this capri length, and I love making him clothing that suits his personality and comfort requirements without looking sloppy or boring.

rainbow pants, made by Julianne


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