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A recent email from a reader reminded me that I remade the classic Pink Lion costume way back in 2015. Whoops!

Pink Lion 2.0 (aka Pink Lion the Pink) is the silky tuxedo version of the dryer-singed original.

IMG_7806 (1)IMG_7810 (1)The new look features a shaggier, more luxurious mane, as well as a stuffed bowtie (he insists it’s all real). The gold zipper is replaced with a satin placket and gold buttons which is more formal that functional.

The pants have been remade in a lovely poodle minky (it’s technically called rosebud minky but whatever) with ankle tufts and a gold metallic waistband. Top and bottom are lined with pink satin. The new tail is sassier than ever!

IMG_7825 (1) I made an alternate set for this costume in 2016 that included a furry onesie, spandex manties, zipper mask, and a hood mane that exposed the back and chest. I like a modular costume wardrobe and now he has several options!

IMG_2738 IMG_3992




I love my Ravey Crockett hat so much that I decided the idea deserved a second round of design.

For Ravey Crockett 2.0, I used a fur that’s more fluffy than hairy. I think it’s a more surreal texture, more like a Muppet and less like a pink version of an earth creature.  Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne

This new version has ambiguous ears! The hat can be worn as part of a cat costume, or it can compliment a unique character. Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne

But perhaps the most exciting change is meant to be invisible! I inserted an invisible zipper in the lining, which opens up to a secret stash pocket. The pocket is about 4×6″, big enough for a phone, some money, some little baggies filled with treasure… When closed, the zipper pull is in the corner of the lining, so not too obvious for any nosy searches.

There’s a loop at the base of the tail so that the hat can be clipped to a utility belt. The hat is fun to wear and secure to not wear. Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne

It’s obviously the perfect hat for Burning Man, so I think you should buy one now!

Ravey Crockett hat, made by Julianne




This was my big costume for Burning Man this year! Our friend Shawn teaches Bikram up in Santa Cruz and performed our wedding ceremony! But before all that, he told me that he wanted to be a Space Raccoon. A Space Raccoon is not a terrestrial raccoon that got put in a space shuttle; it is a different creature entirely!


In all his glory, chilling on the back of the Sensatron! Thanks to Blake for the perfect photo.

tachyon the space raccoon tachyon the space raccoon

Wouldn’t you love to find this guy digging through your garbage?

tachyon the space raccoon tachyon the space raccoon

Because the playa can get cold but Shawn is hot, I designed the costumes with layers. The base is a set of leggings and long-sleeve tee, both made out of silver lycra. If need be, he could wear a layer of thermals under the silver. I’ve used this silver for several other projects, and I love tying them together.

tachyon the space raccoon tachyon the space raccoon faux fur

Next comes the pants. I got this faux fur at Blue Moon in the Fabric District, and I love how the gray tips create a lot of depth as the fabric moves. Nice and trippy! He’s got the same silver elastic at the waist, and sometimes wears a pair of suspenders with the pants.

tachyon the space raccoon tachyon the space raccoon

The tail is made from a black faux fur that I spray painted. Once the tail was sewn and stuffed, I used blue painters’ tape to mark off stripes, and then just blasted it with silver spray paint. Way easier than sewing stripes, and I like the graffiti feel of the spray paint–very fitting for an alley rodent!

tachyon the space raccoon

What space rodent would be complete without a Chewbacca-style bandolier? Tachyon’s is made from a wide silver elastic with pockets, elastic loops, and D-rings sewn onto it.

tachyon the space raccoon

tachyon the space raccoon

My favorite element of the Tachyon suit is the star mask. Part bandit, part Bowie!

It was originally a flat star, and I added the center seam to shape the mask around the nose.

The whiskers are silver pipe cleaners inside plastic tube boning. The wire makes them posable while the plastic prevents them from getting bent out of shape.

The eye holes and outside edge and bound in silver fabric and black fold-over elastic.

The mask is held on by an adjustable bra-style strap. Since the attachment points are at the widest part of the star, at the temple, the bottom of the mask hangs free. Since the bottom isn’t molded, any wearer has full facial mobility.

Rev Taylor

Here’s Shawn performing his ministerial duties, courtesy of Aleck Gandell.