One of the joys of Halloween is feeling like a kid, and a great way to harness that nostalgia is with a classic costume. My client wanted to be a skeleton, the best damn skeleton at the party! As I said during a fitting, “A tuxedo is a tuxedo, but some tuxedos are fancier than others!”

blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne

blacklight skeleton costume, made by JulianneOf course a well-fitting foundation is key to a badass costume, so I drafted a custom bodysuit pattern. There’s a center front zipper for easy dressing and toilet access. I used a black spandex for the base, and holo-printed spandex for the bones. I made the gloves and painted the shoes.

blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne

The bones were based on the client’s own body, and I got the anatomical details from research.

After I sketched the bones there were many steps involved in cutting and sewing every single edge. Then I outlined the bones using glow in the dark puff paint – a ton of puff paint! I wanted all the details to really fluoresce under all the blacklights and I must say it looks pretty awesome.

blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne

This was my client’s first foray into adult costuming, and he went all out with the facepaint.  Now that he has a bodysuit pattern on file, I’m anticipating a surprising new trend in his wardrobe!

blacklight skeleton costume, made by Julianne







I have a costume show this weekend! Bad to the Bone is a fundraiser for local animal rescue groups, and the focal point of the event is a runway show featuring me and other fabulous designers. The models will be wearing costumes while walking down the runway with a dog, also in costume.

There’s also live performances, a silent auction, buffet, and of course a bar.

2017 Flyer Graphic layered 2This is the first time my own designs will go down the runway, with professional models and HMU to boot! My models will be wearing shoes from Fluevog‘s fall collection loaned from the French Quarter store. I’ll have a variety of garments and costume pieces in the designer boutique inspired by my collection.

What’s more, the centerpiece from the float I designed for Krewe du Vieux will be in attendance! LEWD Garou rides again!

postcard daylight

Needless to say, I’ve been working my butt off on this project and really pouring my heart into it. I’ve managed to clear my schedule for the past couple weeks to focus exclusively on producing my own vision – it’s every freelance artist’s dream! I’m so excited to show my city what I can do!

postcard blacklight

If you’re in New Orleans and interested in kicking in for local animal rescue (including hurricane refugees) come check us out at Eiffel Society. Tickets can be bought in advance for $20 or at the door for $25.


SEERSUCKER Easter Parade



IMG_1794New Orleans is always a stylish party, and of course my clients strut their best for the Gay Easter Parade! Seersucker was the order of the day, and these two ladies stayed cool during our march through the French Quarter.


Deven’s dress was copied from a well-worn off the rack garment. I made several fitting corrections in my own pattern, including a swayback adjustment. The tie back was an Easter-inspired addition, and of course I added pockets!

IMG_1712 IMG_1704

I used the client’s vintage embroidered tablecloth for the ruffle and pockets. The crocheted lace edging was removed from the original hem and added to this border. I happened to have the tan seersucker scraps from another project, and I feel like it really ties the concept together. I love this dress!

IMG_1780 IMG_1788


IMG_1569Doody’s blouse was a thrift store recon, which is a fun change of pace for me. I used pintucks to fit the garment precisely and comfortably. But more than that, I love how the seams emphasize not only her figure but also the dimensionality of the crinkled fabric itself.

I know these troublemakers from Krewe du Vieux, so basically Mardi Gras never stops for me! New Orleans is filled with endless opportunities to look good while having fun.



Obviously we had a wonderful afternoon!




I always enjoy making outfits for friends: working on the fit, imagining how they will energize the garments, what kind of adventures they will find. This outfit was commissioned by my friend Sara for another friend’s Lisa Frank themed birthday party in Los Angeles. She sent the fabric and her measurements and one request: matching scrunchie!

Lisa Frank party set

Inspired by the 90s theme, I went for a party recess concept that could only mean skort. This one has a cotton lined crotch panel which makes it perfect for bike riding and grinding on the dance floor.

Lisa Frank party set Lisa Frank party setLisa Frank party setLisa Frank party set

Of course there are pockets!

The tie die lycra has a holographic splatter all over it, which I enhanced with neon pink and holographic lycra accents. I used my serger to make a rolled hem with neon threads, to echo retro lettuce hemming, but kept the hems flat for a cleaner finish.

Lisa Frank party set Lisa Frank party set

The top is reversible, depending on what colors she wants to feature on the front.

Lisa Frank party set

She totally pulls off the psychedelic trapper keeper babe look!





I love a client who keeps requesting sparkly nipples and prominent crotches on her costumes. It’s funny, gets a great reaction, and I have a great time making it. Lady LEWD has expanded her wardrobe of sparkly nude suits! For Krewe du Vieux 2017 she’s a Mardi Gras disco humpin’ Camel Toe!

Camel ToeHer boobs, butt hump, and crotch are stuffed with polyfill, and I used sequin fabric for a disco ball effect on the humps. The bodysuit has a snap crotch and is worn over leggings. I also made a set of over-the-knee legwarmers out of purple faux fur but it turned out to be quite a warm evening.

The tail is made from lycra and gold float fringe and is pinned onto the hump.

Camel Toe Camel Toe

The camel toe concept was Panika’s idea, and she handed out Camel Toe buttons. She styled the wig and did her own makeup as well!

Camel Toe sketch

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