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For this slice of New Orleans life, we’re living upstairs from my old apartment. My best friends Maria and Patrick are in the other upstairs apartment, and we have breakfast together on our back porch. Soon after our arrival, Maria told me about a dream in which she found a nest of baby alligators, and they were all pink. It’s such a charming swamp discovery. And so: fanny pack!

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

I used glitter vinyl, one of my favorite materials. The baby gator was cut with an exacto, carefully sewn, and the edges were finished with puff paint. I used puff paint for the teeth and claws too.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

Such meticulous puff painting! I practice almost every night. I omitted the planned eyes, because this magic alligator sees through dream visions, of course.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

I really love these findings! The metal parachute clasp is so smooth and shiny, and I love the durability of a brass zipper. The piping is reflective plastic, given to me years about by Patrick. The sides and backing are a metallic printed denim, and the lining is waterproof rip-stop nylon.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

There’s a zipper pocket with contrast lining, as well as a slim pocket for ID. Enough pockets to keep your gear safe and accessible, but still easy to look through in a dark party.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

It was a lot of fun to make, and since we share a studio space and live in adjoining apartments it was hard to keep secret! But I managed to keep it together.

baby pink alligatorIt’s seen a lot of action since our swampy Xmas celebration, but I don’t think the little critter has a name yet. Maybe it will earn a playa name at Burning Man this year!




The original inspiration for these puppets was [no surprise] Burning Man. We were going to have a puppet show! But we got distracted, and did other fun things, yet the puppet-making inspiration has stuck around.

cat puppets, made by Julianne

cat puppets, made by Julianne cat puppets, made by Julianne

Another little project to use up neat scraps, and give as charming gifts, and always fun to get drunk and then see what the little kitties have to say about the world.

cat puppets, made by Julianne

cat puppets, made by Julianne cat puppets, made by Julianne
They make great liquor bottle coozies too. So if you’re really desperate, you don’t have to drink alone anymore! Another tip: they fit nicely on top of a long water pipe, if you happen to be the kind of person who owns that kind of thing. If.

cat puppets, made by Julianne

cat puppets, made by Julianne
I love the pipe cleaner whiskers of course, but they are not baby-friendly, no matter how friendly the babies themselves might be.

cat puppets, made by Julianne cat puppets, made by Julianne

They are all cats. I’ve thought about making other creatures, mostly robots and monsters, but so far I’m really enjoying having all these damn cat puppets strewn around my space. I’m surrounded by cat puppets.

cat puppets, made by Julianne

Some have names, some don’t yet. Mercy was the second-ever cat puppet, and he stays with us. He came to a funeral once, but I made him wait in the car.


Here’s the first ever: Slowjam, given to buddy Matt at his Bill Murray-themed costume birthday party (that got busted by the cops – twice!)

slowjam the cat puppet, made by Julianne slowjam the cat puppet, made by Julianne

Mr. Siadek and I dressed up at Steve Zissoux. Oddly, I was the only diver Steve and the only cross-dressing Steve. I was also the only disco-version of Steve, with a silver glitter beard. I’ve gotten so much wear out of my glittery aqua bodysuit over the years. Also, damn, I feel like I look weird without glasses.





I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: leggings are great! Wear them with your costume to keep you warm on the playa, or put them under a dress for going out to dinner. They don’t take up a lot of space, are comfortable to wear, and can go with anything.

Check out these leggings and more in my Etsy shop!

glam zebra toxic tiger cirque leggings neon stripes silver leggings wild jungle leggings! pink glitter leggings!

All these pictures are of my friend Svetlana, who does aerial silk and is a fantastic model!

By the way, in case you missed it I’m included in the 2011 Burning Man Resource Listing! It’s been a great motivation to make a variety of costume pieces and actually post them, and all that work is actually starting to pay off. I’ve also joined the Etsy Black Rock Crew to network with fellow crafter-burners. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s so exciting to see my little business grow.




Yes, more hoods! I’ve been working on hoods every single day for the past week, which is sometimes tough after 7-9 hours sewing at the store! These hoods are all furry, which is a huge pain in the ass to work with–the fur strands get everywhere. Ooooh, but the finished product is so awesome that it’s worth the hassle!


scary panda! nice panda gangsta panda

I actually made two panda hoods, one lined with black satin and the other lined with very expensive minky dot fabric [all of my fabric is from Fabric Planet of course], but you can’t tell the difference in these pictures. Any hoods made with the white fur is super warm!

pink fur hood pink fur hood pink fur hood

This hot pink fur is so fantastic. It feels like you have a stuffed animal living on your head, which actually makes you feel pretty good. And that green satin is just amazing! I got enough of it to make about 8 more hoods, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of it. This color combo is totally electric, and I think it’s my favorite so far.

disco hood sassy eskimo! pink snow hood

The fur/jersey combo is pretty sweet, and very warm, which was great because it was actually cold and windy when Jason and I took these pictures!

Also don’t you just love the new glasses? I got them for costuming, because sometimes I want to have a different look!




Every year the Jack Rabbit Speaks, the Burning Man newsletter, puts out a resource edition, in which they list suppliers of all sorts of playa necessities. As I was filling out the form to get Fabric Planet listed it occurred to me that I could be listed myself, as a costumer. With a little over a week before the application deadline, I’ve gone into high gear cranking out all these designs I’ve had in my head over the past few months, and the first one to come out was the animal hood.


silky snow cat lame zebracat pink furrr hood

velvet zebra hood zebracat fleece hood silky snow cat

These hoods are great with any outfit, from spicing up a bikini (or your fabulous naked self, not pictured) or keeping your noggin warm during your late night playa adventures. They are made out of a wide variety of fabrics, from velvet, fleece, faux fur, jersey, and lame, all the way to cotton for some light-weight day time shenanigans.

velvet zebra hood silky snow cat zebracat fleece hood

They can even be turned inside out for a different look that’s only slightly more toned down.

I developed the pattern myself. It’s pretty straightforward and didn’t have to go through too many drafts. There are bits and pieces inspired by various projects I’ve worked over the past few months, and my favorite part is the cascading ruffle down the front. This can be tied in a bow, tossed over the shoulders, or left to just hang down, and any way it looks awesome.

silky snow cat velvet zebra hood pink furrr hood

I’m trying to really mix and match with the fabric pairings with the idea that no combination will be repeated, unless requested by a customer. I have a tendency to use the last 3 yards of a fabric so that I’m always making end of the run garments, and a few of these are made from remnant materials so that they are ultra one-of-a-kind. This winds up taking more time per-piece than if I made 10 of each combo, but I think the fun and spontaneity of these hoods is worth the work.

zebracat fleece hood velvet zebra hood

made by julianne tags! Although I can make just about any style of ear, so far these are all kitties. I feel like the pointed ear is feisty, and it can go with other animals (fox, cat, kitten, tiger…). Plus, who wouldn’t want to draw whiskers on their cheeks and meow for a saucer of almond milk all night?!

I ordered woven labels and they arrived just in time for this big project. If I had known what a rush I’d get from seeing these sewn into the things I make I would have ordered them a long time ago! And I think they really do give these hoods an official look.

Check out what hoods I have available in my Etsy shop. I’ll be making lots more hoods this weekend (my life is covered in fur). Also, I can also do custom orders for specific fabrics!

pink furrr hood

Thanks be to Jason for the fantastic photoshoot, great direction, and silly hijinx in the alley!

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