My friend is a massage therapist, and needed a presentable wardrobe that he would be comfortable working in. I think dupioni silk is the perfect fabric for Thai massage, so I made him a few pairs of pants.

It’s a very simple design, taken from a basic cotton pant he’d bought in Mexico. Inset pockets in the side seams, and elastic at the waist. My idea is “silk scrubs:” basic and elegant.

The brown and yellow pants are both silk dupioni. The blue pants are made of a silk/modal blended jersey, which is every bit as fabulous as you think it is.

He uses his whole body body during a massage, so it was important that he have full range of motion. These pants will be perfect for massage, yoga, and running around sunny San Diego.




You may remember my friend the Pink Lion, but he has another identity: IGSA! Formerly known as the Inter-Galactic Space Assassin, IGSA was in need of a new uniform for Burning Man 2012. I honestly don’t remember quite how this design evolved, but it was glorious.

Tying into his other incarnation, I just love that long gold zipper. It’s magnificent against the silver fabric of the suit! And could that suit be any tighter? The fitting sessions were hi-larious, and as an honorable lady my own Jason was present (and laughing just as much as I was).

Inter Galactic Space Anomaly

Inter Galactic Space Anomaly

The main idea of this suit is IGSA’s heart chakra. It’s represented by green in the middle of the chest, and we found nebulous inspiration on the internet. The pink star was omitted, and I really enjoyed recreating this idea.

heart shakra

Inter Galactic Space Anomaly Inter Galactic Space Anomaly

First I blocked off the zipper with painters’ tape, and then sprayed a mist of fluorescent green paint over the chest. Once that was dry, I pinned Solvy stabilizer to the area, and marked the points of the lightning bolts. I used zig-zag stitches of various lengths and widths with my black light reactive green thread to really get some pupils bouncing. The final step was the wavy lines, which I made using glow-in-the-dark puff paint. Texture and visuals! Anyone else hallucinating?

To contrast with the green, I put a glittery orange trim on all raw edges, instead of hemming. You can’t tell in daylight, but I used a neon orange thread for this step, which really glows in an ultra-violet environment.

IGSA needs his supplies, so I made this fabulous fanny pack for him. I happened to have the black/silver glitter vinyl and wide elastic belt in my stash, which matched so perfectly with the lycra of his suit. I LOVE the vinyl pouch; the construction is just sexy. It’s got a giant snap on the back, for easy removal and re-attachment under most inebriated circumstances (and beyond those, helpful bystanders would easily be able to figure out the system).

The last step was a cape. Mint-green minky dot on one side, and black-light reactive matrix fabric on the other. Pimpin’ green color, and you got yourself a cape! I hear that it was very warm, and I can attest to the fabulousness of it.




A recent email from a reader reminded me that I remade the classic Pink Lion costume way back in 2015. Whoops!

Pink Lion 2.0 (aka Pink Lion the Pink) is the silky tuxedo version of the dryer-singed original.

IMG_7806 (1)IMG_7810 (1)The new look features a shaggier, more luxurious mane, as well as a stuffed bowtie (he insists it’s all real). The gold zipper is replaced with a satin placket and gold buttons which is more formal that functional.

The pants have been remade in a lovely poodle minky (it’s technically called rosebud minky but whatever) with ankle tufts and a gold metallic waistband. Top and bottom are lined with pink satin. The new tail is sassier than ever!

IMG_7825 (1) I made an alternate set for this costume in 2016 that included a furry onesie, spandex manties, zipper mask, and a hood mane that exposed the back and chest. I like a modular costume wardrobe and now he has several options!

IMG_2738 IMG_3992

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