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For this slice of New Orleans life, we’re living upstairs from my old apartment. My best friends Maria and Patrick are in the other upstairs apartment, and we have breakfast together on our back porch. Soon after our arrival, Maria told me about a dream in which she found a nest of baby alligators, and they were all pink. It’s such a charming swamp discovery. And so: fanny pack!

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

I used glitter vinyl, one of my favorite materials. The baby gator was cut with an exacto, carefully sewn, and the edges were finished with puff paint. I used puff paint for the teeth and claws too.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

Such meticulous puff painting! I practice almost every night. I omitted the planned eyes, because this magic alligator sees through dream visions, of course.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

I really love these findings! The metal parachute clasp is so smooth and shiny, and I love the durability of a brass zipper. The piping is reflective plastic, given to me years about by Patrick. The sides and backing are a metallic printed denim, and the lining is waterproof rip-stop nylon.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

There’s a zipper pocket with contrast lining, as well as a slim pocket for ID. Enough pockets to keep your gear safe and accessible, but still easy to look through in a dark party.

baby pink alligator fanny pack, made by Julianne

It was a lot of fun to make, and since we share a studio space and live in adjoining apartments it was hard to keep secret! But I managed to keep it together.

baby pink alligatorIt’s seen a lot of action since our swampy Xmas celebration, but I don’t think the little critter has a name yet. Maybe it will earn a playa name at Burning Man this year!




I love the sparkle of glitter vinyl, it’s like a pool from my dreams filled with stars and David Bowie songs. At least that’s what I was going for when I designed these key fobs, but by 2am everything starts to feel like that anyway. And you can buy a piece of my mania for your own life!

Though colloquially called key chains, these are actually key fobs.

The base fabric is glitter vinyl, hand-cut and sewn on my Pfaff. I seal the edges with sparkle puff paint, which requires a steady hand and multiple layers for a smooth finish. Though flexible and wonderfully plastic, these fobs are incredibly durable and keep their seductive luster. IMG_3532 glitter vinyl keychains, made by Julianne glitter keychains, made by Julianne glitter keychains, made by Julianne

And some favorite shots (clearly this angle worked well for me):

glittler vinyl key fob, made by Julianneglittler vinyl key fob, made by Julianne glittler vinyl key fob, made by Julianne

These little beauties are listed in my Etsy shop, and would make an excellent gift (and fund further glitter vinyl purchases!).




Venice DJ CHRNIK (the front of the centaur from Story of the Running Wolf) sent an emergency text asking for a “dope fanny pack” in 2 days. Coming right up!

IMG_4105 I had all these materials in my stash (what a wonderful stash it is!), and I whipped this up in a lovely evening. Some of the fabrics are from other costume projects I’ve done for the band and yet haven’t blogged.

Here’s the late-night process (from my Instagram):


The sparkle vinyl exterior is one of my favorite materials! I adore the way it looks, and I’m getting to know its personality as I make more fabulous items with it. I used a metallic printed denim for the sides. The bag is lined with aqua ripstop fabric. The front pocket is a garment-weight vinyl and metallic printed spandex. The adjustable strap is a vinyl braid.

IMG_4093Nothing fancy happening on the back, since that area is resting against the body. I’ve played with the idea of adding a little pocket here, but that would be rather awkward to access while still wearing the fanny pack. I assume that people will be extremely un-sober when romping around festivals, so I try to keep the functionality simple and not make too many pockets to misplace a special something.


IMG_4088This fanny pack was a special order, and it can be re-created and customized! Email me about getting your own.

Fanny pack, belly buddy, hip purse, belt pocket: what do you call it?





This past weekend I went to Sew LA‘s party for Gertie‘s Guide to Sewing book. It was nice to chat with like-minded sewing ladies, and I certainly enjoyed the homemade cherry pie and rum punch!

Julianne and Gertie signed Gertie book

Of course, Gertie was perfectly charming! She signed my book, and even kept my Sharpie. Technically it was my husband’s Sharpie, so it’s all good. (He is looking over my shoulder as I type this).

Also this weekend, Craftster announced their Best Projects of 2012, and my rainbow wedding boots were chosen! I can’t wait to share the rest of the wedding clothes with everyone; I’m just dragging my feet on organizing all the photos.

I’ve been working on lots of small projects lately, and I don’t really feel like patching holes makes for an interesting blog post. But I did spend several days making all these card holders for Villy Customs. The idea is that when passers-by admire the awesome cruiser they can help themselves to a business card.

vinyl card holders, made by Julianne vinyl card holders, made by Julianne vinyl card holders, made by Julianne

vinyl card holders, made by Julianne

I made 50 total! The vinyl packs attach to the spokes with elastic and velcro, which is easy to use and durable for rides. I’ve been testing the design out on my own bike. It’s a more sophisticated version of putting baseball cards in your spokes!




Last week my wallet was stolen. I won’t go into it here, how a guy actually watched the store and planned, how he went straight to the workroom the one time I was busy with customers in the front, or how he grabbed my wallet and ran out the backdoor. Neither will I get into how much loosing a week’s pay has fucked me up, or how I couldn’t pay the mechanic because my credit cards have all been frozen (those sweet Swedes told me to come pay them next week). This is about my new wallet.

rainbow wallet front rainbow wallet inside

rainbow wallet detail That’s right, I keep a picture of me and Rick Steves in my wallet.

In concept it’s actually quite similar to my old wallet, but now that’s a non sequitor. The seafoam green vinyl has been in my stash for a couple years; I got a big piece for $2 at a Joann’s in Ohio. I love the color but it’s tricky to work with! The sticky plastic doesn’t slide through my machine at all, so I wind up facing it with tissue paper and tearing that off. The extra step gets tedious, but it seems to work. Anyone else have any other methods for working with a non-slip material?

The rainbow is a variety of fold-over elastics from Fabric Planet that I stitched onto some white ripstop nylon. I really love the way it shimmers through the vinyl! The loop is an awesome metallic elastic we have at the store; I will be putting a chain through it to clip onto my bag (which wouldn’t have prevented the theft, but it helps me keep track of my wallet).

rainbow wallet detail rainbow wallet detail

Now I’m wishing I had used another color strip so that the wallet would be a bit wider, but as it is it works pretty well for me.

In other news, I’m about to head back to NOLA for March, so postings may be a bit sporadic until April. Laissez les bonnes temps roulez!