Welcome to the evidence of my making mania. Newer projects at the top, older ones at the bottom.

Silver genie pants DIY fabric necklaces


.Version 2 Lost Bayou Ravers Version 2 Version 2


purple pants blacklight skeleton Seersucker Sisters lisa frank skort whereyat_173363653 FullSizeRender-2 Fluevog Kingdom dress


Bagua deck, made by Julianne LEWD costumes Golden God of Mardi Gras, made by Julianne Lady LEWD, made by Julianne Freedom Fry winter 2015 alligator dream purse, made by Julianne


glitter key fobs, made by Julianne SOTRWthumbnail ghostie costume, made by Julianne Shing shirt, made by Julianne electric Ravey Crockett Wolfies pool party Ravey Crockett stash bag, made by Julianne glam-rock fanny-pack preuvian tee recon, made by Julianne rainbow camisoles, made by Julianne tickle monster puppet Freedom Fry outfits, made by Julianne yellow birthday dress, made by Juliannezipper masks manties, made by Julianne sea turtle quilt, made by julianne cosmic pink leggings, made by Julianne


 junior raver hoodie, made by Julianne rainbow shorts, made by Julianne stan le chevron genie pants, made by Julianne zipper bags, made by Julianne Moody Hoodie, made by Julianne Custom cat jacket, made by Julianne painted cooler  server vest, made by Julianne happy panties, made by Julianne friendship socks, made by Julianne Mami Afrika dresses, made by Julianne zipper masks, made by Julianne cousin cat puppets, made by Julianne http://madebyjulianne.com/zigzag-dress/ vinyl bag, made by Julianne knit shopping bag Mardi Gras cat costume new turbans, made by Julianne self striping socks, made by Julianne recovered chair, made by Julianne matmos dress knit baby hat, made by Julianne pink market bag, made by Julianne


Craftster Best of 2013 Winner

alien puppets, made by Julianne cat puppets, made by Julianne dawn of the robots knit bag, made by Julianne neon fleece raglan, made by Julianne knit socks, made by Julianne turbans, made by Julianne peacock chloe dress, made by Julianne scrappy bikini custom leggings, made by Julianne sleeveless galaxy, made by Julianne speak no evil, made by Julianne velvet kisses turbans masked burners, made by Julianne centaur costume, made by Julianne feline dreams rainbow wedding dress, made by Julianne groom's outfit, made by Julianne Anemone hat, made by Julianne new cirque leggings, made by Julianne rainbow pillow, made by Julianne zipper gag mask earwings Mii mii dress knit rainbow grocery bag, made by Julianne Mad Men challenge: Psychedelic Bathrobe rainbow sofa makeover cool contrast tee rainbow balloon pants Fleur de makeover Silver genie pants vintage giraffe blouse rainbow grocery sack global pillows Royal seat cover, made by Julianne bloppy bloppy squid pink genie pants not-recent leggings GEO-DELIC CONTRAST TANK remnant outfit knit beehive turban Goldfish costume vinyl card holder first knit hats rainbow painted chandelier


Burning Man wedding Craftster Best of 2012 Winner

Galactic Cotton Candy dress Mr. Husband has a shirt skinny pants stripe sack dress NOLA rides again ruffle skirt stripe leggings regenerating door rainbow ribbon boots for my Burning Man wedding Tachyon, the Space Raccoon Monster Mash masks genie pants Animal Collection tee rainbow brite leggings neon dust masks Pink Lion mermaid bottle opener fleur de love bike seat covers dancing gypsy vest megagold gold bustier giraffe vest banana mask dupioni tee opulent optic leggings warning stripes mask muse dress rainbow fringe pants psychedelic puzzle vest pocket squares pink gypsy skirt epaulettes DIY fabric necklace mystic jigsaw coat embroidered gypsy vest fabric necklaces panda hoods golden disco coat fancy napkins sweater dress Psychedelic Bedouin


rainbow shoes Indian summer dress rainbow goggles playa boots more zipper masks blueberry stripes zippered masks electric candy genie pirate pants harvest dress leggings explosion russian stacking seat stripedly leggings panda hoods animalparty hoods aloe v neck bubblewrap dot shirt tropical bike seats peacock seat cover rainbow wallet pink tux bodysuit waxed jeans disco mechanic plaid dress glorious panties


Craftster Best of 2010 Winner

silk bowl day of the dead annie's striped dress purple denim skirt striped dress burlesge headpiece black undies MO seat cover convertible bag painted bicycle seat cover top hat sewing bandolier coiled fabric basket Annie's birthday dress sewing with allia adventure pants teal and gold sundress covered bike lock new tee shirts pocket tees bicycle hill shirt quiche handlebar grip circus striped shirt striped teal shirt chalice girl sunshine dress traveling green fleur de logo reverse applique bike seat covers mushroom bicycle seat coiled fabric bowls handmade bicycle shirt trial bicycle tee fresh pasta rainbow fabric bowls the brightest dress in the world mardi gras jersey dress sewing tubes goings on get your gear in order teal corduroy jumper embroidered hamsa biased blouse and black pants

2009 and earlier:

painted tables luxe patchwork chair jersey jacket etched rocket necklace striped sundress FUNGITRON vintage french sundress polychromatic pachyderms suiting up bicycle seat ipod cases shorts rebirthnola two chairs IQ light feminist revolution little boxes