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I’ve got a thing for purple pants. Purple is a neutral color in my wardrobe; it goes with pretty much everything I own. These purple jeans are rocking my world these days and we are kicking ass together.

purple pants, made by Julianne

I drafted the pattern over the summer to be made from lightweight woven cottons, so this stretch denim was a bit of an experiment. I’m happy overall with how the pattern translated between fabrics, but I do suspect that the horizontal wrinkles throughout this version are due to the stretchiness. So I guess that means I’ll need to make another experiment, maybe next time in cobalt corduroy…

purple pants, made by JulianneYep, center back zip. It gives me the fit I want and is really great for Vespa riding.

purple pants, made by Julianne purple pants, made by JulianneLooking at these photos, I’m inspired to add some grape accents to pull out the contrast of the zipper color. Nothing a little paint can’t handle.

Of course, there’s more purple fabric earmarked for pants!





Somehow in the mad rush that is preparing to leave for Burning Man, I whipped up some new shorts for my husband.

However I forgot that I was supposed to line them, and the loosely woven fabric started pulling while he wore them on the playa. Now they have a comfy, worn-in attitude that only comes from giant patches and after-the-fact lining.

rainbow pants, made by Julianne

I got this polyester upholstery fabric from Fabric Planet in Venice, and used 1 yard for the shorts. The fabric wasn’t quite wide enough, so I found a gray twill in my stash and used it all up on the side panels, waistband, and pockets. The lining fabric sat in my stash for only a few weeks, and was left over from a client’s project.

rainbow pants, made by Julianne

rainbow pants, made by Julianne

Our last name is Siadek and I love the little gold S pattern.

It’s a pattern that I drafted myself and tweaked over the years, and I feel like I’ve finally achieved a good fit for Jason. So now I’m just going to make 5 new pairs.

rainbow pants, made by Julianne

He calls these his ‘dress shorts’ and wears them to parties and other fun events, usually with sandals and his purple shirt (which I think is his favorite). He really loves this capri length, and I love making him clothing that suits his personality and comfort requirements without looking sloppy or boring.

rainbow pants, made by Julianne





Jeez, this should have been posted in July! Lucky for current-me, cause I’m swamped with projects for clients that aren’t bloggy. I have a few big projects coming to completion soon, so you’ll see how busy I’ve been!

A few weeks ago I went shopping in the fabric district with some friends, and naturally we ended up at Michael Levine Loft.

fabric shopping

Aleah, Sandra, Nhi, and me

Fabric was $2.50/lb, and I walked away with 11.85 lb (Sandra had a little more). Among my haul was a swishy rayon with black and green chevrons. I wasn’t sure about the colors, because it’s dark and I rarely wear green, but the fabric was perfect for some new genie pants.

chevron genie pants, made by Juliannechevron genie pants, made by Julianne

chevron genie pants, made by Julianne

I followed my own DIY genie pants tutorial, with a couple modifications. I made these pants with pockets and side seams, and there will be a follow-up tutorial for that.

chevron genie pants, made by JulianneThe other departure is that I tapered the legs about 4″ from the inseam and side seams on both front and back. I wanted these pants to be casual lounge wear, and the super puffy legs felt so conspicuous.

chevron genie pants, made by Julianne I also made the tank top. It was a $1 remnant, and super smooth charcoal gray jersey (with rayon?). The seams were serged with red thread on the right side of the shirt, and then I topstitched them to lay flat. It’s strange to see myself wearing all dark colors!

chevron genie pants, made by Julianne

They’re comfortable and casual and I love them!

Another word from current-me: after a lot of wear, this rayon fabric is starting to pill. Also the elastic waistband is wearing out a bit; I’ll replace this with a higher-quality spadex. I still have a bunch of this fabric, but now I’m reluctant to make anything that requires a lot of effort.

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