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Matryoshka seem to be popping up all over the popular scene nowadays. I thought they’d be a perfect match for a bicycle, since both are full of so much whimsy and nostalgia of childhood explorations.

blue Russian doll seat teal Russian doll seat red heart Russian doll seat teal Russian doll seat

I tried to use versatile color schemes for these saddle covers. I think between the red, yellow, blue, and purple these painted covers would look great on just about any bicycle! I also feel like I’ve done a good job creating variety between each cover, so that these dolls are all cousins, not twins!

Russian doll seat teal Russian doll seat detail blue Russian doll seat

As always, these covers are handpainted so that each one is unique. They are water-resistant, UV proof, and will stand up to wear. The sides are made out of spandex with elastic at the bottom, and they are lined on the bottom.

They’re up now in my Etsy shop!




Well who doesn’t love peacocks? They are bizarre and unpractical but absolutely mesmerizing, and talk about that color scheme! They’re the perfect subject for a new edition of removable bicycle saddle covers.

peacocky seat peacocky seat

peacocky seat peacocky seat peacocky seat

Yes, all five are hand painted on recycled canvas. They are coated in a UV-proof and durable glossy sealant. The sides are made out of a spandex that has a slight sheen to it.

peacocky seat peacocky seat peacocky seat

I had a lot of fun painting all of these together. I was constantly mixing paint to create the luscious colors, and it was fun to re-interpret the designs of the tail feathers every time.

peacocky seat All of these seats are finished with lacy underwear elastic. It seems to me that the underside of the saddle is your bicycle’s panties!

I think any of these seat covers would look awesome on bikes that are blue, green, yellow, white, or even purple.

These seat covers are up in my Etsy shop right now!




I’ve been working with Villy Customs out of Dallas, and was recently commissioned to make a seat cover to compliment a customer’s Missouri State-themed bicycle. I enjoyed reproducing the graphic mascot logo with my acrylics, and the bike turned out fantastic!

Mizzou cruiser Mizzou cruiser

Fleetwood did an amazing job with all the details! Coincidentally, this bike could very easily be converted into a Saints-cycle; we just need to swap out the saddle cover!

Mizzou Mizzou cruiser

Mizzou cruiser Mizzou cruiser

That’s right, even the elastic on the underside of the seat goes with the color scheme! For the sides I used a black lycra with a waffle texture and a slight gold sheen to it.

If you’re interested in getting your own custom seat cover please contact me any time!

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