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I feel like after three years, I’m finally starting to find my place in Los Angeles. I’ve made several new friends lately, and work is going well. And there’s nothing like taking a day off to spend some quality time with some of your favorite ladies in a Korean spa to make you feel optimistic.

Yesterday I attended a sewing meet-up at Caroline‘s beautiful home. I was so excited to meet other sewists! The ladies behind Lolita Patterns were both in attendance, working on their new dress design. It turns out that I am their sample size, so they may use me as a fit model, which would be awesome!

sewing party, made by Julianne sewing party, made by Julianne sewing party, made by Julianne

What would any congregation of sewists be without a swap? Since I regularly donate my unwanted bits to the Boys and Girls Club, I didn’t have much to give away. Our host Caroline is a book agent, and we all scored some amazing sewing books and patterns. I can’t wait to dive into these!

sewing swap, made by Julianne sewing swap, made by Julianne sewing swap, made by Julianne

In other news, I’m almost finished with the tutorial for my genie pants! Everything has been sewn, photographed, and written, but I just need to integrate it all into a cohesive instruction sheet. So keep an eye out this week.

Why the delay in the tutorial? Last week I finished an order of 10 bike seats for Jameson Whiskey for the Las Vegas St. Patrick’s Day parade, which I will hopefully get pictures of. Each color required multiple coats, and like I said, there were 10 seats. My hand was aching so bad from gripping the tiny brush that it actually kept me up at night. Luckily I’m OK now.

Jameson seat covers, made by Julianne

I also just finished making curtains for Throop Unitarian Church in Pasadena. It’s a beautiful old building, and I found a gorgeous embroidered canvas. Minister Tera wanted to brighten up the wood-paneled tea room, but we had to choose a somewhat neutral fabric, as this is used as a dressing room for brides.

Throop curtains, made by Julianne Throop curtains, made by Julianne

I also made black-out panels to really keep the sun off the baby grand piano.

This upcoming week will be even busier. I’m working on a set of PJs, 11 pillows, patching 4 pairs of jeans, replicating a chef’s coat and pants, and sewing coiled bowls. And of course I have lots of personal projects that need attention. I stopped drinking HFCS a few weeks ago, but I might need a Dr. Pepper and plate of fries to help me cope.




This past weekend I went to Sew LA‘s party for Gertie‘s Guide to Sewing book. It was nice to chat with like-minded sewing ladies, and I certainly enjoyed the homemade cherry pie and rum punch!

Julianne and Gertie signed Gertie book

Of course, Gertie was perfectly charming! She signed my book, and even kept my Sharpie. Technically it was my husband’s Sharpie, so it’s all good. (He is looking over my shoulder as I type this).

Also this weekend, Craftster announced their Best Projects of 2012, and my rainbow wedding boots were chosen! I can’t wait to share the rest of the wedding clothes with everyone; I’m just dragging my feet on organizing all the photos.

I’ve been working on lots of small projects lately, and I don’t really feel like patching holes makes for an interesting blog post. But I did spend several days making all these card holders for Villy Customs. The idea is that when passers-by admire the awesome cruiser they can help themselves to a business card.

vinyl card holders, made by Julianne vinyl card holders, made by Julianne vinyl card holders, made by Julianne

vinyl card holders, made by Julianne

I made 50 total! The vinyl packs attach to the spokes with elastic and velcro, which is easy to use and durable for rides. I’ve been testing the design out on my own bike. It’s a more sophisticated version of putting baseball cards in your spokes!




I’m not sentimental. And yet. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to review the year past and plan for the year ahead.

Year Past:

burning man wedding

– I got married! It was a wonderful event with great projects, and has created so many wonderful new things. Our marriage, new friendships, better attitudes.

Julianne and Barbara Dodds

– On the opposite end of the spectrum, my grandma died in June. It sucks, and I still think “I should call Grandma,” but I’m not bothered by the fact that I don’t believe in heaven. I have lots of mementos and gifts given over a lifetime, and using her tools in my daily sewing has really helped me deal with it.

– I got fired. From a job that I didn’t really like anymore, but it was still insulting the way it was handled.

– I learned to knit! I’m still very new, but it’s exciting and I can’t wait to learn new stitches and make some really fabulous sweaters. My husband just got me a set of interchangeable needles, and I finally got a library card (for pattern books), so I’m ready to

– I turned 25, and with everything else that’s happened this year (see above) I feel like I’ve grown up.

I’ve posted 43 projects on this site, which has received 22,700 views this year!

Year Ahead:

– I will try to post more of my every-day projects. I’m always making little things, but usually don’t feel like they’re worthy of posting. I will also try to be better about documenting my process and even creating little tiny tutorials.
– I came up with this idea when teaching how to make coiled bowls at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club this month: save a strip of fabric from every single project for one year, and then make a bowl using all the scraps! Bonus points for keeping the fabric in chronological order.

beehive turban WIP

– More knitting! I’m trying to add new skills with every project, and I’m itching to make a Fair Isle cardigan and socks. I like being such a beginner, staring at yarn with wide eyes full of hope and dreams.

– More stash-busting. Because I don’t want to feel overwhelmed or obligated by my sewing. Also, I need my space to work better!

– More home-work. We’ve been cleaning out our apartment, re-organizing, re-thinking the way we use our space. It’s changed a lot in the last year, and I’m looking forward to our home getting even better.

– Baby! Not mine, but two wonderful friends are having a baby in April, and I can’t wait!

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