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2017 Flyer Graphic layered 2

I have a costume show this weekend! Bad to the Bone is a fundraiser for local animal rescue groups, and the focal point of the event is a runway show featuring me and other fabulous designers. The models will be wearing costumes while walking down the runway with a dog, also in costume.

There’s also live performances, a silent auction, buffet, and of course a bar.

2017 Flyer Graphic layered 2This is the first time my own designs will go down the runway, with professional models and HMU to boot! My models will be wearing shoes from Fluevog‘s fall collection loaned from the French Quarter store. I’ll have a variety of garments and costume pieces in the designer boutique inspired by my collection.

What’s more, the centerpiece from the float I designed for Krewe du Vieux will be in attendance! LEWD Garou rides again!

postcard daylight

Needless to say, I’ve been working my butt off on this project and really pouring my heart into it. I’ve managed to clear my schedule for the past couple weeks to focus exclusively on producing my own vision – it’s every freelance artist’s dream! I’m so excited to show my city what I can do!

postcard blacklight

If you’re in New Orleans and interested in kicking in for local animal rescue (including hurricane refugees) come check us out at Eiffel Society. Tickets can be bought in advance for $20 or at the door for $25.


My Parable of the Houseplant


I’ve been so damn prolific this year and this is all I manage to post. Burning Man is over but the cleaning isn’t, and I’ve spent most of the day in bed. Story time!

In March I completely rearranged the New Orleans apartment, and part of that redecoration was getting a plant for the bathroom. Something leafy to fill the corner behind the toilet and give the grime some jungle charm, and I got a plucky offshoot from a neighbor’s garden.

houseplant-windowI painted a pot and stand gold, I draped pink Mardi Gras beads on my plant, and got a ping of satisfaction every time I walked past my bathroom.

After a few weeks, the lengthening stalks told me the plant wasn’t getting enough light, so I moved it from its gold stand in the corner to the shelf in front of the window. It was still leggy, but it seemed to be adjusting. Over a few months I watched my plant grow thin and start to yellow. A larger pot helped but didn’t address the real problem.

houseplant-insideOne day I looked into the bathroom to admire my plant, and instead of satisfaction I had a reality check.

My desire to keep that plant in my bathroom was killing the plant and filling me with guilt. That plant’s need for sunlight had nothing to do with my desire for a plant that would thrive in my bathroom. I had to let go of how I wanted things to be and accept reality.

I immediately moved the plant outside, laughed at my foolishness, and have loved seeing the plant thrive on my back deck. It’s been an excellent object lesson in acceptance of myself and others.

houseplant-daytimeI’m looking forward to choosing an appropriate plant for the bathroom when I go back, and having a glass of sake with this creole queen.

houseplant-at-nightHow’s that for turning 30 tao reflection? I’ll mike drop on my favorite Gandhi quote.




I’m spending the next couple months back in New Orleans! Although I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 6 years, this is my home, and I couldn’t be happier to be back for the winter.


My sewing machines are set up in the studio behind Adorn & Conquer. I’ll be there throughout the week working on favorite products and new designs. You can also come see me at Magazine Art Market at Dat Dog on certain Saturdays and Sundays. Currently I’m booked for markets on 8 November, and 14-15 November.

magartmarket-page-cover photo-01

To my wonderful Los Angeles clients: Thank you for making 2015 my most productive year ever! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t shared most of my projects on my website yet (a perfect task to do while drinking beers on the porch while I’m in Dixie). I’ll be back on the west coast by the end of January, and am already taking project bookings now. Email me about your project!


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