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Work has been a little slow relaxed lately, and I’ve been taking advantage of the break to finish projects that are cluttering up my cutting table.

I really loved wearing genie pants at Burning Man this year, and I’m trying to resist my typical urge to make 20 pairs for the week-long festival. I can be minimal-ish with my everyday wardrobe, but I have zero restraint when it comes to costumes and playa wear. These pants are basically the same as my original set, but fuller! Before I gathered it into the waistband, the top was about 80″ wide. It’s wonderfully ridiculous.

pink striped genie pants, made by JulianneThese pants are so comfortable; they have become my default lounge pants. I’m wearing them right now as I write this, and probably whenever you are reading this.

pink genie pants, made by Julianne pink genie pants, made by Julianne pink genie pants, made by Julianne

The jersey has such wonderful drape and movement! I’m completely hypnotized by the stripes!

pink genie pants, made by Julianne pink genie pants, made by Julianne pink genie pants, made by Julianne pink genie pants, made by Julianne

I know it’s a lot of pictures, but I love them all and it’s my blog. It was a little awkward taking these pictures in the alley by myself; when my husband is holding the camera it’s obvious to passers-by what’s going on. It looks a little strange when I’m jumping around in front of a stack of boxes with a tiny tripod on top.

pink genie pants, made by Julianne pink genie pants, made by Julianne pink genie pants, made by Julianne

The pink stripes are a cotton jersey that I also made a dress from.




I wrote this post in the summer of 2011! I can’t imagine why I didn’t publish it then, but here it is now. All these leggings have long been sold, by the way.

Leggings seem to be my bread and butter nowadays. I feel like I’ve developed a pretty good rhythm for the construction, and my technique has come a long way too.

quills leggings aqua cirque peppermint leggings

peppermint leggings quills leggings aqua cirque leggings

BTW, looking at these pictures makes me feel like I need to start doing more booty exercises. I may have hang-ups about my waist or belly, but there’s nothing but pride for butt and that’s the kind of motivation that works for me. I don’t ever want to stop having my 23 year old behind cause I love it (and it still looks good).




I made this costume (and even wrote this post) for Halloween 2011, but I just never posted it! Pictures are from the KCRW Halloween Party 2011 and Burning Man 2012.

goldfish costume

goldfish costume, Made by Julianne, photo by Blake Gardner goldfish costume, Made by Julianne, photo by Blake Gardner

Above photos by Blake Gardner. I also made Jason’s entire rainbow outfit.

I wasn’t planning on making a Halloween costume that year; I would just pull some pieces out of my playa wardrobe and call it a night. But then we got in this amazing sequin fabric at former-work, and the entire costume popped into my head and could not be ignored. I rocked the look at the KCRW Masquerade Ball, and then again in Old Town Pasadena on Halloween night.

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Each element of the costume is separate, so that the costume can be easily adapted to different temperatures and concepts. The stretchy base fabrics give me full range of motion, and I can sit comfortably without damaging the fins. The leotard has pressed snaps at the crotch, elastic contouring at the bust line, and a center back seam to flatter my booty.

goldfish costume

For the leotard I used a lycra that’s printed with a metallic sequin design–I love the bizarre faux sequin concept. The scale panels on the front and back are the copper sequin fabric that inspired everything. For an organic psychedelic look, I added individual scales on the edges of the panels and scattered throughout the panels themselves. The tail fins are layers of organza with pipe cleaners acting as supports. I really wanted the tail to stand up more, and I could always add a couple strands of fishing line (!) running from the tail to the back, but it seems like that could be a whole can of worms.

goldfish costume

I think the fin helmet is my favorite part. For the base I used a felt helmet from the craft store, which is sturdy enough to support construction but weighs almost nothing. I covered the felt in my sequin lycra, then hot-glued scales made out of different gold fabrics, papers, buttons, coins, and a few round mirrors. The fin is 4 layers of poly organza supported by metallic pipe cleaners, with sequin and metallic trims sewn on as veins. The pipe cleaner supports are anchored through tiny holes into the helmet, and then glued in place. I added an elastic chin strap, but for the most part the helmet stayed put without the strap!

goldfish costume goldfish helmet

I wanted this costume to take advantage of ambient light–ghostly silhouettes, strange reflections, and lots of sparkles. I need to incorporate some lights for Burning Man, and while I know glow sticks will definitely work I’ll be looking for a less-disposable solution.

goldfish costume

I love these weird arm fins! They are made out of a plastic netting that I manipulated into the shapes I wanted. They’re lots of fun to squeeze, and I keep calling them polyps. The sleeves are sewn onto a mesh undershirt, which I think will be fun to wear with leggings on the playa.

goldfish costume, made by Julianne, photo by Blake Gardner

Accessory-wise, the bubble necklace was one of the most popular parts. I used plastic Xmas ornaments and a few clear buttons strung on a clear elastic. The gloves are lycra triangles with organza ruffles, which I’ll be able to layer over warmer gloves at Burning Man. On Halloween night I blinged out my glasses with press-on rhinestones, which stayed put all night long. I also made a bubbly drawstring bag out of organza, which I filled with little vinyl fishies to hand out as treats at the Masquerade.

Lastly are the aqua leggings. The blue metallic lycra was actually damaged stock, but the silver streaks were perfect for this project. I used purple and blue organzas to make the bubbles and the trails on the back of the legs, something to simulate water as I danced.

goldfish helmet goldfish helmet

All in all, the costume took about 30-40 hours to complete over the course of a month. Although I had to buy all the main elements, it only cost around $40. Most of the small pieces, like random sequins and the golds for the helmet scales, I had on hand. Material usage breaks down like this: 1 yd sequin lycra, .5 yd copper sequin for scales, .5 yd copper mesh for sleeves, 1 yd orange organza, .5 yd yellow organza, 2 yd plastic netting for fins. If y’all are interested in the design process, check out my inspiration board on Pinterest.

goldfish costume

Many thanks to Jason and Blake for capturing this costume so well!

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