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I’d been eying some retro spacey boots for a couple months, and one night randomly found them on Ebay. In my size. For $10. You know what happened next. As it turns out, metallic gold puffy boots are a little too subtle for me, so I had to modify.

the original shoe playa boots

Right away I ripped off the Rubber Duck label on the velcro strap. Anyone who knows me from my college days knows that I’m quite fond of rubber ducks, but branding is simply not part of my aesthetic.

The next step was to cover the gold-colored suede and rubber. My first choice would have been to use liquid paint and serenely cover the fabric while sitting at the kitchen table–just this thought greatly relaxes my costume-sewing-induced panic. But I didn’t have silver paint, paint pens looked incredibly crappy, and there was some nice chrome spray paint just wasting away in the closet. So I carefully taped around all those curves and happily painted my alley silver.

the original shoe playa boots

Surprisingly, the now silver-and-gold boots still felt a little boring. At this point I also noticed that the silver paint was not sticking to the rubber band between the boot and the sole. The best way to decorate this area naturally seemed to be rainbow elastic and sequin trim, which I attached via hot glue gun.

rainbow boots rhinetastic

There was no point in stopping here, so I also sewed some rhinestones where the tag used to be.

These boots are comfortable, very warm, and now totally bad ass. Definitely worthy for the playa, and they might even be the tipping point for getting me to venture to snowy climes this winter! I wore them to a Burning Man party this weekend and they were perfect. And I have to admit that now I want a pair in every juicy color.




Matryoshka seem to be popping up all over the popular scene nowadays. I thought they’d be a perfect match for a bicycle, since both are full of so much whimsy and nostalgia of childhood explorations.

blue Russian doll seat teal Russian doll seat red heart Russian doll seat teal Russian doll seat

I tried to use versatile color schemes for these saddle covers. I think between the red, yellow, blue, and purple these painted covers would look great on just about any bicycle! I also feel like I’ve done a good job creating variety between each cover, so that these dolls are all cousins, not twins!

Russian doll seat teal Russian doll seat detail blue Russian doll seat

As always, these covers are handpainted so that each one is unique. They are water-resistant, UV proof, and will stand up to wear. The sides are made out of spandex with elastic at the bottom, and they are lined on the bottom.

They’re up now in my Etsy shop!




green birdy tangerine skull avocado bird cover

Oh my, how could I have been so negligent of my website over the past 6 weeks?! I try to hold myself to posting one new project a week. I’m of course making things constantly, so the output isn’t a problem, but I’m not so great at documentation. Often I’m working on little projects, or busy with big but boring orders at work, and sometimes it seems like those things wouldn’t be so interesting on the website–they don’t necessarily contribute to the portfolio I’m try to build up. But rest assured: I am always making something.

Lately all my bike seat covers have had a tropical feel to them, and I keep thinking about fruit as I mix my colors. Could this be the manifestations of a daiquiri deficiency?

green birdy detail tangerine skull detail avocado bird cover detail

The swallows are always classic, and I’m really enjoying painting the calaveras. There’s a great opportunity for colors and designs, and the shape is perfect for a bike seat.

I’ve gone back to the original drawstring seat closure, instead of the elastic I’d been using for the past few months. It’s more work, but it’s what I’m feeling nowadays.

drawstring drawstring

These seats are all up in my Etsy shop, which I am trying to get more diligent about–posting things more regularly, polishing the listings, and everything else I get a little lazy about.

Soon I will be getting a shiny new overlock machine as a collaborative birthday gift, and then the Burning Man costumes are going to come flying!

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