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This new batch of seat covers is a synthesis of many earlier versions, but I feel like I’ve finally gotten everything right. Check them out in my Etsy shop!

cycledelic saddle cover cycledelic saddle cover cycledelic saddle cover

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cycledelic saddle coverThe tops are all hand painted and original designs. The glossy sealant makes the saddle covers UV-proof, water-resistant, and highly durable to butt-wear. The sides are made out of some truly fabulous spandex with elastic around the bottoms to keep the covers fitting tight (I loved using underwear elastic for some of the covers).

Within each set there are differences in the drawings and color, so that even though I made three swallow seats each one is unique.

What’s great about these covers is that the painting allows me to do some really fabulous designs as well as customization. I’m currently working on two different designs that feature college mascots.

swallow bicycle seat covers Swallow bicycle seat cover Swallow bicycle seat cover

The fact that they are removable covers make them less of an investment to the customer. I love that they are so easy to store and I can ship them for almost nothing. Plus, I get to share my dual loves of bicycles and making things!

I’ll be selling these in some upcoming LA markets, and they’re always available in my Etsy store!

If anyone’s got some suggestions for new seat designs, particularly more masculine covers, I’d love to hear it!


custom handlebar grips

I recently got a twist shifter for my three speed. This is extremely awesome and I love shifting gears constantly now, but the vintage grip didn't quite match my newer one. Admittedly, it wasn't a huge difference, but it was bugging me and I knew I could do something fabulous.


First off, welcome to the new site! Since I’m no longer on WordPress’s server I don’t have to follow their rules, so expect the site to get really wild. Until then, please excuse any awkwardness!

Secondly, this Saturday I will be doing an art market at Fabric Planet, so if you’re around Venice come by!

I recently got a twist shifter for my three speed. This is extremely awesome and I love shifting gears constantly now, but the vintage grip didn’t quite match my newer one. Admittedly, it wasn’t a huge difference, but it was bugging me and I knew I could do something fabulous.

custom handlebar grips custom handlebar grips

My custom grip shifter is made out of cork paper that is painted and hot glued on. For the other side I also used craft foam. All of these supplies can be easily found at a craft store.

custom handlebar grips custom handlebar grips

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Well, the obvious first step is to remove your old grips. The easiest way to do this is to put a few drops of denatured alcohol at the opening of the grip and try to get it to drip down toward the end of the handlebar, then pull.

DIY handlebar grip

I wrapped my handlebar in craft foam so that the grip would be the same thickness as the twist shifter, and it’s really nice having that extra padding. Choose a complimentary color foam because it will show on the edge of the grip. Cut the foam to the length you want for the grip, and wide enough to wrap around the bar once or twice, depending on your preference. Glue the foam to your handlebar by applying glue a few inches at a time until you’ve completely circled the bar. Place the edge of the foam on the bottom of the handlebar.

Make sure that the end of the foam is flush with the end of the bar, and keep it tight while you’re wrapping.

custom handlebar grips
Trace the circumference of the wrapped bar onto a piece of foam and cut it out. Glue this onto the end of the bar.

You could also use a cool bottle cap if you like, but I didn’t have any on hand that I was fond of. You could actually leave it at this, with just the foam grips. It should be pretty weather and UV proof, and you could decorate it with cut-outs from contrasting foam. But this isn’t that kind of tutorial, and we’ve got to keep going.

DIY  handlebar grip cork end DIY   handlebar grip

Next it’s time for the cork. Cut out a circle from the cork paper about 1″ larger in diameter than the foam end cap. When you’re cutting the foam use a sharp blade or scissors and be careful: the cork fibers can tear apart very easily. I recommend putting an awesome design on your endcap either with acrylic paint or even Sharpies. When you’re satisfied, glue the cork end onto the foam.

You will need to cut wedges out of the cork so that the edges will lay flat when they are glued down. Cut as close to the edge of the foam as possible without tearing or leaving any gaps! I cut 10 wedges, each about 1/4″ wide at the outside end. Glue the flaps down onto the foam, going a few at a time.

custom handlebar grips

So that the outer layer of cork is smooth, you will need to add a base layer of cork. It should go from the edges of the endcap flaps to the end of the foam. Tightly wrap this around the grip and glue down.

custom handlebar grips glue cork custom handlebar grips cork wrap

Now you’re ready for the final layer of cork. I painted mine a solid color before gluing it on. You may also be able to paint any designs on it at this point, depending on what your design is (if you want a spiral you will have to wait until the cork is glued onto the handlebar so that the stripes will line up correctly). Apply a line of hot glue to the wrong (unpainted) side of the cork and attach this to the underside of the handlebar. Wrap the rest of the cork around the grip, gluing along the way, and securely glue the end.

custom handlebar grips cork wrap custom handlebar grips cork

The final step is to decorate!

custom handlebar grips cork custom handlebar grips

This post is dedicated to Meridith with the potentially awesome bike, who I just met at a bar on the beach.


handpainted bicycle seats


This spring, while sprucing up my old Schwinn, my mind’s been wandering to other ways to share my love for 2 wheeled modes of transport. I had so much fun designing and making my bicycle seat that I decided to make a few more and see how they do at markets.

upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat mushroom

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I was able to get these seats for an incredible deal from a guy who sells junk bikes for parts. These were already in great shape when I picked them up, and then I cleaned them and set them in the bright sunshine. The next step was to make a canvas cover for each seat. There’s no pattern for this part; each one has to be made individually. The top and sides are triple stitched for some incredible security, and then glued and stapled onto the saddle.

heart upholstered bicycle seat heart upholstered bicycle seat heart upholstered bicycle seat behind

Now comes the fun part. I love coming up with designs to enhance the bike riding experience. The heart and stars design reminds me of riding up an incline that you think is too much, that you’ll have to get off and walk up, but finally pedaling to the top and then flying down the other side. I call it Heart It Races, from the Architecture in Helsinki song.

upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat

Fleur de lis designs are also awesome for New Orleans. Although the shape repeats, every seat is painted with different colors and lines. Every one is unique!

fleur de lis bicycle seat fleur de lis bicycle seat fleur de lis bicycle seat fleur de lis bicycle seat

There’s no end of puns to be made about trips with this mushroom seat, so I’ll just save them for Etsy. If you come up with any good ones please leave them as a comment on this post. Maybe some psilly psycling will spark the imagination.

upholstered bicycle seat mushroom shroom upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat shroom

When the painting is finished I cover each seat with several coats of a glossy sealant. This keeps the colors bright and also makes the seats highly water-resistant. These seats can all be personalized with a name to make them extra awesome. I’m selling them for $60 each at art markets and Etsy.

I can also trick out the seat you already have! I can paint one of my own designs or we can come up with something specific to you and your wheels. Shoot me a message if you’re interested.

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