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striped jersey dress striped jersey dress striped jersey dress, back view

I’m usually not a fan of long-sleeved dresses. To me, they tend to look either juvenile, matronly, or 80s (or all three!). So when I came across a designer dress that was hip and warm I jumped at the chance to replicate it.

striped jersey dress striped jersey dress striped jersey dress

So yes, technically this dress is a knockoff of Wendy Mullin’s Weimar dress. Of course I made some changes to the design: full-length sleeves, a tighter fit in the top, and I rotated the skirt pattern so that the stripes would run vertically (this completely transformed the way the dress looked on me).

I used a thick white and navy jersey I got from JJ Fabrics in the Fashion District (JJ is Fabric Planet’s downtown location). I used 3 yards of material, although I could maybe do it in 2.

I’ve been so happy with this dress. On warmer days (the temperature’s been fluctuating like crazy in LA) I can wear it alone, but for colder days or evenings at the beach it’s great with leggings and a sweater. I’m looking forward to getting lots of use out of this.

striped jersey dress striped jersey dress striped jersey pocket

I drew up a pattern as I made this dress, which is pretty straight-forward. The sleeves and the body of the top are one piece, with two pieces making the front. The skirt is just a 50″ rectangle of fabric sewn into a tube and gathered at the top with elastic, which is then sewn to the body.

I made another dress in a similar fabric for a NOLA friend, and I’m currently working on a plaid version for my boss/buddy in LA, so stay tuned for those.




While it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of rainbow, when it comes to my non-Burning Man underwear I’m a little more monotone. I prefer to keep it simple, so that’s why my new undies are all the same easy to care for color: black.

black panties black panties

black panties black panties

They are awkwardly modeled by a pillow, and yes, the pillow has pubes.

They’re really more of a bikini-style cut than they look on the pillow. I was able to get five pairs out of about 1 yard of slinky cotton jersey from Fabric Planet. I made the pattern myself a few months ago and have finally gotten it tweaked to perfection. I’m able to make the most comfortable undies that fit me perfectly without ever seeing a label or size. The different elastics keep things from getting too boring in my top drawer.

black panties black panties

Since I sew for hours a day at work my at-home production has gone down somewhat, but I’m still keeping busy and making all the time.




I wanted to make something special for one of my loveliest friend’s birthday in July. She already has a massive collection of summer dresses, so I figured one more wouldn’t hurt. She’s way cool and like bike rides but also works in an office, so I designed something that would be perfect for work and the all night party that follows.

annie birthday dress Annie's birthday dress Annie's birthday dress Continue reading →

Annie's birthday dress

This jersey has a wonderful weight to it, and the print is sophisticated without being boring. It’s got lots of different tones but isn’t garish at all. What’s more, the small print will hide a variety of stains, as Annie proved when we were out to lunch over the weekend. To me, the print looks like it was made with a small bristly paintbrush, and I’m calling it “a lady’s camouflage.”

The belt is sewn into the dress with elastic underneath to give it some structure, as well as to emphasize the green in the print, which is Annie’s favorite color. There’s also a pocket on the front that is hidden by the pattern that’s the perfect size for a set of keys and a iPod for a bike ride.

annie birthday dress

I made the dress in Los Angeles while imagining Annie’s figure, and I’m so glad that it fits her so well! Doesn’t she look like the quintessential Southern lady? No wonder her middle name is Scarlette!

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