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While it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of rainbow, when it comes to my non-Burning Man underwear I’m a little more monotone. I prefer to keep it simple, so that’s why my new undies are all the same easy to care for color: black.

black panties black panties

black panties black panties

They are awkwardly modeled by a pillow, and yes, the pillow has pubes.

They’re really more of a bikini-style cut than they look on the pillow. I was able to get five pairs out of about 1 yard of slinky cotton jersey from Fabric Planet. I made the pattern myself a few months ago and have finally gotten it tweaked to perfection. I’m able to make the most comfortable undies that fit me perfectly without ever seeing a label or size. The different elastics keep things from getting too boring in my top drawer.

black panties black panties

Since I sew for hours a day at work my at-home production has gone down somewhat, but I’m still keeping busy and making all the time.

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