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I promised my friend/boss Jordan I would make her this dress way back in October and only just around to finishing it last week as part of my goal to de-clutter my to-do list. It has the same shape as my striped dress, with some modifications for the plaid.

plaid dress plaid dress plaid dress

The fabric is a printed cotton jersey that of course came from Fabric Planet. It doesn’t have a whole lot of stretch to it, which is fine for this dress on this tiny lady.

plaid dress detail

I didn’t use a pattern for this; instead I took her measurements and drew out the shape of the top using those numbers. It’s always a little strange to be sewing something for someone who is so much smaller (or larger) than me because the pieces all feel wrong, and I have to admit that the first try turned into a new shirt for Jason’s niece. In fact with all the extra fabric I have I made a sundress for my niece’s birthday and will probably be making skirts for the collective nieces, although I’m already getting sick of this fabric!

I love how simple this design is and am looking forward to updating it for warmer seasons!

"You're so happy it's like the Holocaust just ended!" Jordan throws the gang sign for Venice




Who doesn’t like panties? Especially these! They’re bright colors, fun strips, pretty elastic. Guaranteed a party under your skirt.

nautical blue panties circus panties nautical red panties nautical pink panties

I whipped up all of these using cotton jersey “scraps” from various other clothing projects. I developed my own panty pattern over months of product testing, so I really think these are the best undies ever.

A nice thing about making panties for other ladies is that I can throw my personal preference for black undies to the wind and put together some really cute combinations of fabric and elastic. These panties are fun and remind me of summery bike rides in short dresses.

circus panties detail red nautical panties detail

nautical blue panties detail nautical pink panties detail

nautical pink panties red nautical panties

A challenge of making panties for other ladies is that I’m most familiar with my size, but these all turned out pretty well. They range from small to large and I believe they are the most comfortable undies ever. They’re available in my Etsy shop at a very modest price!

Eryl "modeling"




Here’s another version of my striped dress, made for my friend Annie. I used a gray and blue striped jersey that we have at Fabric Planet now (brought from the warehouse specifically for this dress!).

we're all cat ladies around here

Annie's striped dress Annie's striped dress Annie's striped dress

Annie requested that the neckline on her’s be a little lower “to shake what is is my mama gave me,” and shake it she does.

The shorter sleeves and lower neck give the dress a 50s ballerina feel, which is why the pockets don’t quite work on this incarnation of the dress. Annie’s dress turned out so well that I was incredibly tempted to make myself another dress with the extra fabric, but I don’t want repeats in my wardrobe, and what scandal there would be if we were to show up at a bar in matching dresses!

Annie's striped dress

Actually now that I think about it, it would be fabulous.

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