luxe patchwork chair

30 December 2009 by

This project is actually from last summer! I came across Squint furniture, and who could help but be inspired? My mom bought me this cute slipper chair and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I bought a million small pieces of some gorgeous upholstery fabrics. Even at lengths 1/4 yd and less, and with a 40% sale, it still cost around $50.

It’s technically a slipcover, although the zipper is tacked closed. Still, it is possible to remove the fabric for cleaning if absolutely necessary. I made the base of the slipcover out of an old sheet. Then I pinned and topstitched the “patches.” I used 1,500 yds of thread for the satin stitching! It was a very time consuming project, but not too difficult. I’m thinking about using the same process on my sewing chair.

I love all the covered buttons! I got these fabrics as swatches for free, and the fleurs de lis and bees are my favorite.

I gave the chair to my mom when I started traveling, but here’s how it used to look in my living room. I also upholstered the violet sateen sofa, made the pillows, painted the two tables, and made the wax screen behind!

This chair was selected as a Craftster featured project in January 2010!

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  1. Marguerite King

    I am an artist too, and I was delighted by your colors. It is my weakest artistic talent, (I am strong in monochromatic) and I delight in seeing the truly beautiful effect bright colors have.

    I could not be so bold. But I wish I were.



    P.S. See my website!! And write!!

  2. Julianne Post author

    Thanks for the props. Go nuts and experiment with color sometime! It takes some practice to figure out what combinations work best and what you can actually live with, but it’s lots of fun.

  3. M

    This is so awesome! I have some nice chairs I salvaged from the alley a couple of years ago that are still unfinishes, partially because I couldn’t decide on a fabric to cover them in, but after seeing your chair, I have some more ideas! I love the patchwork look and all of the colors!

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