a collection of tables from 2007

11 January 2010 by

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I love experimenting with color and pattern and think that furniture is a great canvas for this work. Coffee tables can be pretty run of the mill, but it’s not too difficult to spice one up. My space is filled with this kind of color and it’s pretty invigorating, but these tables look pretty great in a more sedate setting, next to your neutral sofa or what have you.

These tables are recycled, usually from garage sales or thrift stores but sometimes from the trash. They often require a bit of repair, but it doesn’t take much to make them sturdy enough to stand up to day to day life. In fact, they are usually outcasts because of their looks, not because of any structural problems. I use latex and acrylic paints, and of course some high durability sealant.

I always paint every part of a table, including the underside. One reason is that I want my art to be beautiful at all times, when you are moving it into your house and carrying it upside down; also I imagine that kids exploring their spaces would appreciate that consideration. Another reason for covering all sides in a good coat of latex paint is that it acts as an extra barrier between the wood and mold spores, one good thing I discovered while going through my apartment post Katrina. Form + function = happiness!

I love making patterns with dots! The up and down dipping motion with my brush relaxes me, and I’m always pleased with the result of the meticulous process. This table was high enough that it could have been used by small children, but it is currently on a covered balcony patio in my New Orleans neighborhood.

This table is one of my favorites. I loved the idea of a table top serving another function as a game board, as well as the grid of squares being composed of so many dots of paint. The pointillism took quite a lot of time and patience! I also made a set of playing pieces for a stylish game of checkers. This table has a nice, vaguely Deco design, and I was happy when my neighbors bought it for their post-Katrina remodeled home.

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