my stylishly snuggly jersey jacket

30 December 2009 by

taken from my Craftster post

The inspiration: Last February I found myself sleeping in a car in the Austrian Alps, with the snow 2′ deep, and I was cold… and uncomfortable, and frumpy! So even though this winter I am in mostly warm places, where I have snuggly beds to sleep in, I wanted to have something that would be comfortable enough to sleep in that I would feel confident in when walking around fancy cities.

So I made this jacket out of dark grey sweatshirt jersey. It is stretchy, wears well with no wrinkles, and looks pretty damn good.

I really like how the princess seams line up with the shoulder seams at the neck.

The lining is a fancy printed fleece (I made sure the pattern was centered on the inside), so my jacket is sooooo warm!

The pockets are lined with fleece and big enough to hold a honey’s hand in. There are also pockets on the inside to keep my goodies safe.

I didn’t use any patterns for this, and I’m not sure how many hours went into it (maybe 7?). The total cost wound up around $35, which was way more than I wanted to spend, but I am so happy with this jacket that I don’t mind. Whenever I wear it around my boyfriend he makes a point of telling everyone around that I made it myself. And I did wind up wearing it in to sleep in the car at the Grand Canyon, where the temperature at night was 17.

My jacket was selected as a “Technical Beauty” on the Craftster clothing forum in December 2009!

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  1. Shauna

    Hi! Came across your blog and had to comment on your amazing jacket! I’m a mixed media artist but can’t sew a stitch (well except for certain collage purposes!) I am VERY impressed with your skills! I love princess seams because they are flattering on everyone; even someone on the plus size, like me. The shoulder seams look impeccable and the lining is fantastic! That takes it to a whole other level! I really like the portrait collar, yet you can flip it up and the large buttons are just the right finishing touch! And of course gray is THE neutral this year, but I always love it! If you don’t have an Etsy shop you should! I’ve seen where people take an actual sweatshirt and make jackets etc. from them, but nothing this intricate and cute! It looks really nice on you too! That is so cool that your boyfriend tells everyone you made it! That sounds like my husband. It’s great to have support like that! Keep creating and Happy New Year!

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