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Although I normally don’t cook, every once in a while I get a craving too strong to ignore. I love the hand-rolled pasta at Il Restaurante da Piero but that place is out of my budget, which is one of many reasons I love it when my dad comes to town! So I tried my hand at making my own pasta and it was so good that I made it again the next night!

I blended a few different recipes together for this pasta and I think it’s perfect. The ingredients are so basic and it doesn’t require any fancy equipment! I used my 30 year old mixer from my momma with the dough beaters, but I think you could do a great job with just your fingers. On the other hand, if you happen to have a food processor or a pasta press (or even a rolling pin, to give you an idea of how bare-bones my kitchen is) I wouldn’t think twice about using that!

Another benefit to this recipe over other pastas I’ve seen is that you don’t need any eggs.


The pasta is incredibly filling, so one batch will happily feed two hungry diners! Expect the process to take about 30-45 minutes.

Easy Fresh Pasta

1 C semolina flour

1 C white flour

1 Tbs olive oil

3/4 C warm water

2 tsp rosemary-herb blend

dash of salt

In your nice big bowl mix together all the dry ingredients at low speed. Drizzle in the oil and water, mixing as you pour. The dough will form big chunks, and there shouldn’t be any loose flour in the bowl. Once the dough is holding together, use your dry hands to form it into a ball. The dough will be springy and your hand will leave an impression, but the dough shouldn’t be sticky at all! Knead the dough a few times, and go ahead and start boiling your water.

mixing the dough

To form the pastas, pinch of a little bit of dough and roll it between your hands. You don’t want the roll to be too thick, or else the pasta will never cook! The rolls should be about 1/4″ thick and a few inches long; they’ll look kinda like worms. We took half of our wormies and rolled them into spirals, but that’s totally optional. It can take a bit of time and some muscle to roll all your pasta, so this is a great step for everyone to help with! Involvement in the process will also make all of your diners enjoy their meal so much more.

the fun never stops when you're making pasta rolled and spiral pastas

When you’ve got all of your pasta rolled out, add it to the boiling water. The pasta will appear to clump together when you add it in the water, but just stir it up and it will separate. Fresh pasta cooks way faster than dried pasta, but since these noodles are so thick you’re still looking at about 10 minutes.

it gets a little poofy in the pot

This goes great with an olive oil sauce, maybe with some sauteed onions and mushrooms. I think pesto would be absolutely perfect, and Jason really liked it with marinara.

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    Hmmmm. Mixer not 30 years old. It’s a little younger than your brother, but it ain’t new. Aren’t you glad E held on to it for you?

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