rainbow fabric bowls

24 February 2010 by

I whipped up these bowls the other night after seeing this post and I love them! They were fun to make and are satisfying to hold in your hands. They’re sturdy enough to hold things but flexible too, a wonderful combination.

fabric bowls

One of my favorite parts about this is that I was able to use up most of my scraps, including long strips left over from a rag rug project I took on a few years ago. I used rope I found at Big Lots that was $.50 for 20 feet. Jason’s bowl (with the goodies in it) used one 20′ length of rope. I’m excited about making more and seeing how big I can go, but first I need more fabric scraps!

Another thing I think is awesome is how the thread color changes the tone of the bowl. I used yellow thread for the first two bowls but used a pink bobbin for the last, and it completely changes the attitude of the bowl. The other side of the pink bowl is sewn with yellow thread and the bowl can be turned inside out, making it a very adaptable object!

I love the things Jason keeps in his bowl: a fancy key to our New Orleans apartment, a king cake baby, a necklace from Lorraine’s wedding, and a peppermint!

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