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Nearly every top I’ve made this year have had kimono sleeves. They’re elegant and casual at the same time, plus infinitely comfortable. The slouchy rounded pocket adds to the low-key vibe, and I know you all have a lot of fun with pockets.

navy dot shirt navy dot shirt navy dot shirt

navy dot shirt detail This shirt is made out of medium-weight cotton jersey from Fabric Planet. The pattern has small dark navy dots, but instead of being solid circles they look like they were printed using bubble wrap as a stamp (which I’ve done before to awesome effect). The classic design is subverted with a little bit of edge. The hems were all down in hot pink thread for some perky contrast. It’s lighthearted without getting too saccharine, comfortable without being lazy.

I sewed these shirts up on the overlocker at work, on one of my first runs on the machine. It was such a dream, even though the motor just died! Sadly, this was the last of this fabric, which we never had a whole lot of to begin with.

This shirt is available in small, medium, and large but there’s only one in each size so hurry up and buy one on Etsy!

Thanks to Cassandra for being such a fantastic model! I’ve got lots more pictures of her wearing the clothes I made, so stay tuned.




Well I just got back from Burning Man, where I was too busy partying to take great photos of my costumes. Guess I’ll be modeling those in the alley, but until then, here’s something a little less sparkly.

My friend John Preble made this shirt for the Louisiana Bicycle Festival, which he founded. I love the image, but a unisex white shirt from Hanes is a little touristy for me. I’m a traveler, and I don’t like to look like an idiot. John, this is how your shirts would look if you had style.

LA Bike Fest tee LA Bike Fest tee LA bike fest tee


the before photo

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See, the original shirt is just boring. Although what I great image. It’s got bicycles, a rocket, hearts and stars, and dancing bikini girls.

LA Bike Fest tee LA bike fest tee

I dyed the white around the image with some watered down acrylic paint and cut out the scallops after it was dry. I stitched it onto a yellow tank I made with Fabric Planet jersey using red embroidery thread.

Much better my way!

PS: John, please send me Bike Fest tees from past years so that I may make them awesome as well.




I’m always so pleased at how my tee shirts come out! These shirts were all made for markets and Etsy, so pick one up for yourself!

Many thanks to Lorraine for modeling on our trip to Seattle.

yellow-blue bicycle shirt This is a “re-issued edition” of the original bicycle shirts. I really love this yellow fabric; in dimmer lighting it takes on a gorgeous warm tone that can’t be captured.

yellow-blue bicycle shirt detail yellow-blue bicycle shirt yellow-blue bicycle shirt back

And another bicycle tee. It’s got a design very similar to this earlier shirt, but of course since I drew it myself there are little differences.

green bicycle tee green bicycle shirt detail

I’m very excited about these mushroomy shirts! I love mushrooms in so many ways. There’s the green shirt with the orange drawing as well as a light grey shirt with aqua fungi and I’m not sure which one I like more.

green mushroom shirt green & orange mushroom shirt aqua mushroom shirt

As always, every drawing is done by hand, so they are always unique. I made my own tee shirt pattern that looks great on everyone. I use a fabulously soft and silky jersey from Fabric Planet that is a dream to wear. The shirts are free sized, meaning they will stretch and drape to accommodate and flatter your figure.

On another note, I can’t quite decide for myself between “tee shirt” and “T shirt.” I need to have a standard format for my website and Etsy shop. Any opinions?

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