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Well I just got back from Burning Man, where I was too busy partying to take great photos of my costumes. Guess I’ll be modeling those in the alley, but until then, here’s something a little less sparkly.

My friend John Preble made this shirt for the Louisiana Bicycle Festival, which he founded. I love the image, but a unisex white shirt from Hanes is a little touristy for me. I’m a traveler, and I don’t like to look like an idiot. John, this is how your shirts would look if you had style.

LA Bike Fest tee LA Bike Fest tee LA bike fest tee


the before photo

See, the original shirt is just boring. Although what I great image. It’s got bicycles, a rocket, hearts and stars, and dancing bikini girls.

LA Bike Fest tee LA bike fest tee

I dyed the white around the image with some watered down acrylic paint and cut out the scallops after it was dry. I stitched it onto a yellow tank I made with Fabric Planet jersey using red embroidery thread.

Much better my way!

PS: John, please send me Bike Fest tees from past years so that I may make them awesome as well.

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  1. John

    It is better to have bad taste than no taste. Sure your version is nice for people who want to look good, but what about us who are so beautiful on the inside that we need to tone on the outside. I am always struggling with that toning it down thing.

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