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Isn’t my husband so cute? We took these pictures at LACMA’s Stanley Kubrick exhibit, which was very cool.

men's button shirt

Jason’s office is creative and casual enough that he wears a tee shirt just about every single day, but I decided that he needed a new button-down shirt anyway. Sometimes a tee shirt doesn’t cut it, but he should still be able to dress a little fancy (by which I mean different, and often in strange patterns).

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men's button shirt men's button shirt

I used Simplicity 5366. The pattern’s measurements classified Jason as large, but I wound up taking the whole shirt in to a medium. I found the cuff placket to be a little confusing (it was my first time!), but otherwise the shirt went together very easily and rather quickly.

It was really satisfying to just cut out a pattern and make a shirt, with no modifications or major design decisions. Almost automatic. This shirt wound up being the wearable muslin for Jason’s wedding shirt, which will eventually be posted…

men's button shirt men's button shirt collar men's button shirt

My beloved Pfaff doesn’t have an automatic buttonhole feature, but I honestly enjoy taking the time to make the buttonholes manually (but still on the machine). Obviously I have much more control, and I was never completely satisfied with that function on my Singer. I hardly ever need buttonholes anyway.

At some point I will make the western-style version of the pattern. I might try Collete’s Negroni some day, but Jason hardly wears this style shirt as it is, so why invest in a collection of patterns?

shirt at LACMA shirt at LACMA

I made his pants too, from a very soft upholstery velvet. Maybe one day I’ll get a post just for those.




I had these pants for about a year, and never really wore them because they were so tight! I was told that they looked OK, but they were not comfortable. I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to adding in the side panels, but now they fit me great!

making skinny pants fatter

I actually unstitched the side seams (rather than cutting at the seam) and then added the 2.5″ wide strip of scrap jersey. This left a gap in the waistband, which I covered with this blue elastic I had lying around. Now I don’t ever need to wear a belt with these pants, because they are tight enough in the waistband but as comfortable as sweatpants!

H&M pants before making skinny pants fatter

Not only were the additional fabrics random pieces finally used from my stash, but they made these pants much more wearable. I’ve since given this treatment to other pants for a few friends.

new striped hood new striped hood

In the same vein, I added a new hood to this shirt I always wear. And yet I don’t have a ‘before’ shot… I got it at Forever 21 about 5 years ago. It’s made from French terry and very comfortable, but the original hood was completely useless, and showed a lot of chest. I copied this hood from a thrifted Old Navy shirt. Basically this post is completely debunking the rumor that I never buy clothes.

Stash busting + improving store-bought clothes = win




This is the first project I’ve been really excited to share since Burning Man. I’ve been working the whole time, but on little things that aren’t necessarily that interesting to others. So finally, a new post!

Animal Collection teeI made this shirt for the Animal Collective show at Hollywood Bowl. I can’t even tell y’all how excited I was to finally see them! We took our friends (and PNF campmates) Matt and Marisha out for an evening of adventures and delicious beverages.

Animal Collection tee

The original idea of the shirt was much more simpler than the final product, and based on this gorgeous embroidered and beaded Hmong shirt I found on Etsy:

hmong shirt Animal Collection tee

When browsing through my Pins last week, I saw this shirt again and realized that I had recently picked up 5yd of a cotton jersey with a similar print and color scheme. (I’ve already made leggings and hotpants from the fabric too!)

The striped yolk seemed like an obvious choice, and then I noticed the orange pompom trim collecting dust on the corner of my desk, and from there it snowballed. Gold neck binding–definitely! Faux-epaulettes out of blue lace–of course! Teal and gold sleeves, left over from a dress–sew them on!

Animal Collection tee detail Animal Collection tee detail Animal Collection tee back detail

Jason was egging me on the whole time, and when I thought I had finished he suggested a little bling for the front. We sorted through every appliqué and finally landed on the gold studs for the front and silver vinyl shield for the back. He said they make the shirt difficult to describe, which is just what I was going for.

Animal Collection tee

Added bonus for all the materials coming from my supply stash. The shirt was perfect for the show and I got lots of compliments, but mostly I just felt good.

You can see more about the rainbow boots here.

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