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Years ago I made a fabulous reverse appliqué of my sewing logo, and while I love the embroidery the shirt wasn’t that great. Some combination of the color, V-neck (often awkward on me), and clinginess of the fabric meant that I never wore the shirt. I don’t think I ever actually wore it out of the house after that photo shoot in 2010. That’s insane, because it’s a great design (courtesy of my husband Jason) and I put a lot of time into the stitching.

fleur de logo tee, made by Julianne

I had a really hard time making the first cut into the shirt, but I’m so glad I did it! This fuchsia and white jersey was about to be donated to the local Boys’ and Girls’ Club, but at the last minute I snatched it for this project. I whipped up the top in about 20 minutes, start to finish, and just cut into the fabric without worry about patterns.

fleur de logo tee, made by Julianne fleur de logo tee, made by Julianne fleur de logo tee, made by Julianne

I’ve been a big fan of kimono sleeves on knit tops for a while, and of stripe fabric, and it’s purely a coincidence that these two elements are a trend! right now. I went a little loose on the torso of the shirt, cause I can always take it in later.


fleur de logo tee, made by Julianne

It’s been so warm in LA lately that I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear my tee shirt immediately. I mean, I know that LA is SoCal, but last year I was bundled up every single day!




rainbow painted chandelier before

So we had this big, black, ornate light hanging in our dining area. It was extremely obnoxious. And hung so low that my husband would hit his head on it!

I painted it between working on other projects over about one month. I used the same acrylic paints as for my bike seat covers, although I didn’t bother to put a clear coat on the finished piece.

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

I also bent out the decorative arms, to give the chandelier more openness. The chain was ugly, so after shortening it I bound it together with a piece of trim, then covered the whole thing with a strip of fabric that my mom used as gift wrapping. Stash busting!

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

These gorgeous rocketships were a wedding gift from our friends Shing and Bender, awesome scientific burners who love beer just like us! I love having them flying above our breakfasts.

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

I’ve also been hanging up bright glass bottles and giant lightbulbs in one of our windows. I worry that it might look junky, but it casts rainbow shadows all over our apartment!

rainbow glass window, made by Julianne




I had these pants for about a year, and never really wore them because they were so tight! I was told that they looked OK, but they were not comfortable. I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to adding in the side panels, but now they fit me great!

making skinny pants fatter

I actually unstitched the side seams (rather than cutting at the seam) and then added the 2.5″ wide strip of scrap jersey. This left a gap in the waistband, which I covered with this blue elastic I had lying around. Now I don’t ever need to wear a belt with these pants, because they are tight enough in the waistband but as comfortable as sweatpants!

H&M pants before making skinny pants fatter

Not only were the additional fabrics random pieces finally used from my stash, but they made these pants much more wearable. I’ve since given this treatment to other pants for a few friends.

new striped hood new striped hood

In the same vein, I added a new hood to this shirt I always wear. And yet I don’t have a ‘before’ shot… I got it at Forever 21 about 5 years ago. It’s made from French terry and very comfortable, but the original hood was completely useless, and showed a lot of chest. I copied this hood from a thrifted Old Navy shirt. Basically this post is completely debunking the rumor that I never buy clothes.

Stash busting + improving store-bought clothes = win

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