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rainbow painted chandelier before

So we had this big, black, ornate light hanging in our dining area. It was extremely obnoxious. And hung so low that my husband would hit his head on it!

I painted it between working on other projects over about one month. I used the same acrylic paints as for my bike seat covers, although I didn’t bother to put a clear coat on the finished piece.

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

I also bent out the decorative arms, to give the chandelier more openness. The chain was ugly, so after shortening it I bound it together with a piece of trim, then covered the whole thing with a strip of fabric that my mom used as gift wrapping. Stash busting!

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

These gorgeous rocketships were a wedding gift from our friends Shing and Bender, awesome scientific burners who love beer just like us! I love having them flying above our breakfasts.

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

I’ve also been hanging up bright glass bottles and giant lightbulbs in one of our windows. I worry that it might look junky, but it casts rainbow shadows all over our apartment!

rainbow glass window, made by Julianne


  1. Heather

    Love both the chandelier and the window treatment- it does not look junky, it looks eclectic. I have something similar going on in my crafts room- the whole house would be that way, but I have a deep-seated fear regarding cats, kids, and heavy, swinging objects. Picture windows and glass objects don’t mix well, I’m afraid!

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