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I think I made 11 costumes for Krewe du Vieux this year, but I guess these two looks would count as twins. They were made for a couple with a lot of complimentary material swapping between the garments. Though fine city folk now, these two are originally from swampier lands and called themselves the Lost Bayou Ravers (a play on local band Lost Bayou Ramblers).

IMG_3950 (1)

His costume consisted of a long sleeve undershirt made of laser-cut spandex over green micro mesh; a wide-mesh tank top; LED headpiece; goggles made from plastic bottles; the JNCO-inspired sequin pants with cargo pockets and light-up suspenders; and sequin manties worn underneath.

Her costume was a snap-crotch bodysuit made from mesh and foil spandex with built-in bra; a hood covered in beaded appliques, ruffles, and EL wire; wide-mesh tights; aqua metallic leggings; a glitter vinyl fanny pack with plastic fish in a bowl; and leg warmers made from crawfish sacks. Whew!

Most of the costumes I make aren’t quite as involved as these, so I appreciate the opportunity to really explore an aesthetic through fabulous details and flashy accessories. Almost all of the fabrics and appliques came from Jefferson Variety.

Lost Bayou Ravers, made by JulianneGus got lots of great action shots of these two! They totally embodied their characters and brought the costumes to life, and people later told me that they really stood out in the crowd of paraders.

Lost Bayou Ravers, made by Julianne Lost Bayou Ravers, made by Julianne IMG_8584 Lost Bayou Ravers, made by Julianne

They are such fabulous freaks and I love parading with them! (That’s me on the right!)

Lost Bayou Ravers, made by Julianne




I had these pants for about a year, and never really wore them because they were so tight! I was told that they looked OK, but they were not comfortable. I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to adding in the side panels, but now they fit me great!

making skinny pants fatter

I actually unstitched the side seams (rather than cutting at the seam) and then added the 2.5″ wide strip of scrap jersey. This left a gap in the waistband, which I covered with this blue elastic I had lying around. Now I don’t ever need to wear a belt with these pants, because they are tight enough in the waistband but as comfortable as sweatpants!

H&M pants before making skinny pants fatter

Not only were the additional fabrics random pieces finally used from my stash, but they made these pants much more wearable. I’ve since given this treatment to other pants for a few friends.

new striped hood new striped hood

In the same vein, I added a new hood to this shirt I always wear. And yet I don’t have a ‘before’ shot… I got it at Forever 21 about 5 years ago. It’s made from French terry and very comfortable, but the original hood was completely useless, and showed a lot of chest. I copied this hood from a thrifted Old Navy shirt. Basically this post is completely debunking the rumor that I never buy clothes.

Stash busting + improving store-bought clothes = win




There are many bizarre animals in the psychedelic menagerie, and these new panda hybrids have made quite a splash.

neon panda panda mouse hood

I’ve streamlined the construction process so that I’m able to see these hoods at a new lower price. I know everyone will be happy about that!

tiger panda hood rebel panda hood

There are at least a few of these specimens roaming around at Burning Man, Mardi Gras, LIB, and every other cool party. You can see more in my Etsy shop.

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