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I love these gorgeous faux-gauge wooden earrings from Sanskrit Dream, but since the natural wood color was close to my hair, they tended to blend it. So I painted them.


feather earrings, made by Julianne


feather earrings, made by Julianne

The idea is “psychedelic rainbow peacock” so they fit in real nice with my wardrobe. I like that although they look like wings, they are vegan–no feathers, or bones (which is often used for this style earring). I wear them backwards by the way, inserting the post from behind.

I painted them with acrylics, with no primer or sealant. They really stand out now, and I absolutely love them!




One day at work, right before Halloween, my boss said that she needed me to make her a headpiece to go with her black and red burlesque costume. So right after eating my avocado sushi I whipped this up for her. I should point out that she is wearing a wig for this.

burlesque peacock burlesque peacock

I was definitely inspired by my friend Inessa, who makes awesome costume pieces all the time.

burlesque peacock

It’s made up of elastics, lace, sequins, a few black rhinestones, and a peacock feather. I only used a glue gun, which worked surprisingly well. It’s really nice working on a project like this at the store, because I have full access to so many trims and don’t need to plan anything ahead of time, plus it only took about 20 minutes.