2 November 2010 by

One day at work, right before Halloween, my boss said that she needed me to make her a headpiece to go with her black and red burlesque costume. So right after eating my avocado sushi I whipped this up for her. I should point out that she is wearing a wig for this.

burlesque peacock burlesque peacock

I was definitely inspired by my friend Inessa, who makes awesome costume pieces all the time.

burlesque peacock

It’s made up of elastics, lace, sequins, a few black rhinestones, and a peacock feather. I only used a glue gun, which worked surprisingly well. It’s really nice working on a project like this at the store, because I have full access to so many trims and don’t need to plan anything ahead of time, plus it only took about 20 minutes.


  1. Jordan

    Julianne works wonders with her crafts – I just love my headpiece and know that I will wear (probably) every halloween…I am lazy like that. Actually I am probably going to wear it every chance I get – its just Fabulous!!

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