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rainbow painted chandelier before

So we had this big, black, ornate light hanging in our dining area. It was extremely obnoxious. And hung so low that my husband would hit his head on it!

I painted it between working on other projects over about one month. I used the same acrylic paints as for my bike seat covers, although I didn’t bother to put a clear coat on the finished piece.

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

I also bent out the decorative arms, to give the chandelier more openness. The chain was ugly, so after shortening it I bound it together with a piece of trim, then covered the whole thing with a strip of fabric that my mom used as gift wrapping. Stash busting!

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

These gorgeous rocketships were a wedding gift from our friends Shing and Bender, awesome scientific burners who love beer just like us! I love having them flying above our breakfasts.

rainbow painted chandelier, made by Julianne

I’ve also been hanging up bright glass bottles and giant lightbulbs in one of our windows. I worry that it might look junky, but it casts rainbow shadows all over our apartment!

rainbow glass window, made by Julianne




Finally, the wedding celebrations are complete! So now I can focus on other goals, like seeing David Bowie and riding that elephant. No time to elaborate.

I was away in New Orleans for three wonderful weeks, and in the week since I returned to not-so-sunny California I’ve been turning out bike seats like crazy! I could post each one, but a bike seat is a bike seat (even if I am proud of all the different paintings) and I have made so many other little things. Same idea for the zipper masks. I make these constantly, but there are only so many new ways I can blog about them!

And yet:

pumpkin mask

The reception/vacation really messed up my timing for Halloween orders. Seriously. But I did manage to get a few masks done in time for costuming.

While I was in New Orleans I re-vamped the screen doors at a friend’s house in Abita Springs. Her house is a gorgeous woodsy paradise, filled with art and healing and lots of fun times. She had these doors custom made from an artist in New Mexico, but a few hurricanes left them looking a little drab.


painted doors before


painted doors

I somehow neglected to get a front shot after the doors were finished. D’oh!

Instead of repainting and obliterating the original design, I decided to enhance what was already there and give it my own rainbow spin. I won’t get into it, but the color concept was inspired by Carl Sagan, cause he’s awesome and so am I.

painted doors

The left handle had been broken off in a hurricane and found years later in the garden!

painted doors

I didn’t see it when I was actually there, but now the big orange flower looks like boobs with red spiral nipples. Which is still awesome.

painted doors

First time signing a painting with my new name!

painted doors painted doors

painted doors

I’m very proud of how they turned out, and I love the opportunity to contribute my art to such a beautiful space.

This project reminded me of how much I love painting! I’ve been focusing on textiles so much over the past few years, and the paintings that I have done have been graciously commissioned, but I hadn’t just sat down and painted what I felt in a long time. I’ve got big plans for our big coffee table now; maybe next time Jason is out of town I will fill our living room with paint!

And also, I’ve gotten a ton of requests for a boot tutorial. I will do this someday, but first I must discover the right fabric, and then have the urge to make another pair of boots. I’m not going to rush it, because then I’ll be stuck with another time-consuming project that I’m not really passionate about. I’m so excited about all the great responses the shoes, and even more excited to share all the wedding projects soon.




Just in time for fall! My new sundress! But since I live in Los Angeles, I’ll be wearing this at the beach while y’all are freezing your butts off. And how about those new glasses, right?

indian summer dress indian summer dress indian summer dress

I’d been eying this cute floral cotton since we got it in at Fabric Planet months ago, and as we got down to the end of the bolt I finally figured out what I wanted to make. I made my own own pattern, and it was very easy. Starting out, I wasn’t sure if this shape would be flattering on me, but I think the careful waist placement keeps it from looking like an ill-fitting sack. It’s nice to have a breezy casual dress!

indian summer dress detail indian summer dress detail indian summer dress detail

The whole thing slips over my head, no zipper. The waist band is made up of two drawstrings in separate channels, which helps to define the waist and makes the dress look a lot more polished. The faux-placket is a silk-cotton blend, which has a nice subtle sheen. These adorable wooden heart buttons are also from Fabric Planet, and although they’re a little more saccharine than I normally like they were too cute to pass up. Lastly, the yellow trim is bias tape I cute from a light-weight cotton.

Thanks to my future husband Jason for taking some really great shots. And yes, that’s right, we’re getting married! Yay!

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