Finally, the wedding celebrations are complete! So now I can focus on other goals, like seeing David Bowie and riding that elephant. No time to elaborate.

I was away in New Orleans for three wonderful weeks, and in the week since I returned to not-so-sunny California I’ve been turning out bike seats like crazy! I could post each one, but a bike seat is a bike seat (even if I am proud of all the different paintings) and I have made so many other little things. Same idea for the zipper masks. I make these constantly, but there are only so many new ways I can blog about them!

And yet:

pumpkin mask

The reception/vacation really messed up my timing for Halloween orders. Seriously. But I did manage to get a few masks done in time for costuming.

While I was in New Orleans I re-vamped the screen doors at a friend’s house in Abita Springs. Her house is a gorgeous woodsy paradise, filled with art and healing and lots of fun times. She had these doors custom made from an artist in New Mexico, but a few hurricanes left them looking a little drab.


painted doors before


painted doors

I somehow neglected to get a front shot after the doors were finished. D’oh!

Instead of repainting and obliterating the original design, I decided to enhance what was already there and give it my own rainbow spin. I won’t get into it, but the color concept was inspired by Carl Sagan, cause he’s awesome and so am I.

painted doors

The left handle had been broken off in a hurricane and found years later in the garden!

painted doors

I didn’t see it when I was actually there, but now the big orange flower looks like boobs with red spiral nipples. Which is still awesome.

painted doors

First time signing a painting with my new name!

painted doors painted doors

painted doors

I’m very proud of how they turned out, and I love the opportunity to contribute my art to such a beautiful space.

This project reminded me of how much I love painting! I’ve been focusing on textiles so much over the past few years, and the paintings that I have done have been graciously commissioned, but I hadn’t just sat down and painted what I felt in a long time. I’ve got big plans for our big coffee table now; maybe next time Jason is out of town I will fill our living room with paint!

And also, I’ve gotten a ton of requests for a boot tutorial. I will do this someday, but first I must discover the right fabric, and then have the urge to make another pair of boots. I’m not going to rush it, because then I’ll be stuck with another time-consuming project that I’m not really passionate about. I’m so excited about all the great responses the shoes, and even more excited to share all the wedding projects soon.