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vintage French sundress


One day back in early March I was strolling around Gare du Nord in Paris, waiting for a friend to get in from London. I wound up coming up on a shop selling reused goods, and in a bin on the street I found the most fabulous vintage duvet cover. I mean, this is the kind of fabric we all dream about, right? Now, it was freezing cold and I was living out of a 32 L backpack, but I HAD to have this fabric. And it HAD to be a sundress. I wore it with tights and a tan long sleeved shirt for a loooong time.

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So the duvet was €3. I bought thread and elastic at another street market in a town near Limoges for €1,80. So the dress cost about $7! Now here’s the tricky part: I had to sew it all by hand! I’d never sewn something like this by hand, and all those stitches across the bodice for the elastic…. Well, what else was I going to do?!

This dress has been a great souvenir. The materials are all from France, and I remember details of each purchase. I remember doing that green stitching on the skirt while on a train from Barcelona to Madrid. I got those awesomely comfortable shoes that look great with the dress in Munich. I now I can wear it in New Orleans!

The pockets match up with the skirt pattern, so they don’t stand out. They are the perfect size for holding a beer bottle, leaving you free to wave your hands up in the air if you happen to attend a student festival in Krakow… just in case!

These pictures were taken in September at the Old Spanish Fort on Bayou St. John in New Orleans.

iPod cases


Taken from my post on Craftster

So I was hanging around a little house in the middle of France. There was no place in the village to get internet and we didn’t have TV either, so iPods were the only technological source of entertainment. And then… one day mine broke! I freaked out but was able to order a new one, cost quite a lot. Since it was my birthday present to myself I decided to buy new earphones. I picked out these blue ones from Carrefour before I knew what kind of case I was making, so I was quite pleased when it turned out to match perfectly.

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I found some vintage comic books (in French) in an upstairs bedroom and fell in love with a series of black, white, and blue images. I covered the papers in masking tape and cut out the shapes with an X-acto knife, then used more tape to assemble the case.

The next day I made the black and white case for my friend. This one was much more modular, with just 2 pieces–the sides were part of the front and back. Not only was it quicker the second time around, it did come out better. But mine has the matching earphones.

The closure is just a long tab that slips in over the top of the iPod. There is a layer of tape over the clicker wheel and the screen has bits of plastic from our chausson aux pommes box. I made these in March and they are still holding up quite well.

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