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For months I’ve been waiting to sew my Chloe dress by Victory Patterns, and now it’s finally happened.

These pictures were taken at the Folk Music Festival in Richmond, VA. My husband and I joined my family in that beautiful city to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.

pink Chloe dress, made by Julianne

I immediately loved all the panels, and knew it would be a great canvas for showcasing different prints. The pink floral at the front and back sides was brought from Malaysia, and I already have a pillow made from that cotton. The metallic stripes at the front sides was a vintage cotton from my Grandma’s stash that I dyed fuchsia. The peacock in the back was purchased for this dress at Joann (and matches some of my cloth napkins). The orange and chartreuse silk pieces are left over from my wedding dress.

pink Chloe dress, made by Julianne   The pattern was very easy to construct and fit. I cut a size 10, but wound up tapering to an 8 at the top. Other alterations include: re-drafted sleeve pieces, tapered front panel at collarbone and hips, added back shoulder darts, adjusted for sloping shoulder seam, took in side seams.

pink Chloe dress, made by Julianne pink Chloe dress, made by Julianne


The only materials purchased for this dress was the peacock cotton (1yd @ $6) and the digital pattern. Once my muslin was adjusted, the dress was cut and sewn together in about 2-3 hours.

pink Chloe dress, made by Julianne

It’s kinda the perfect dress. The Chloe pattern has simple design lines, is easy to make, and could be customized by fabric choice or pattern variations. Made in these quilting cottons, I can wear it for a bike ride at the beach, then out to dinner or some of the other fancy things I do. I can’t wait to make it again!





I cut the sleeves off my Galaxy dress!

sleeveless galaxy dress, made by Julianne

I have such a bad habit of cutting my sleeves and shoulders too tight! I like that slim look, but it makes the garment uncomfortable which makes it stay in my closet. Even though I knew that the sleeves weren’t working for me, I was reluctant to remove them. It meant admitting another failure, and there was no going back. But in reality, it was improving the fit of a great dress, like the ol’ caterpillar/butterfly scenario. Lately I’ve been focusing on identifying and removing roadblocks in my life, and small projects like this can really help with momentum for bigger changes.

sleeveless galaxy dress, made by Julianne

The sleeves were nice, but maybe all that cotton candy tie dye was a little overwhelming. Since the neckline of the dress is high, it’s really great to have more skin exposed, and now this dress will be even more wearable.

sleeveless galaxy dress, made by Julianne

I’ve enrolled in Craftsy’s Sew the Perfect Fit class, and eventually I will actually go through the lessons. This will be the first time in my life to have ever taken a formal-ish sewing lesson! Everything I know I picked up from my mom, and years of trial and error. Hopefully there will be properly fitted sleeves in my future! Of course, this will have to wait until after Burning Man. So many plans for September!




speak no evil mask, made by Julianne

If you want to look this innocent, why not buy a mask? You’ll get away with ever so much mischief.

You guys, I sit in my alley against this wall and take pictures of myself wearing all these masks. Since I’m not wearing glasses during that time, I have no idea what the neighbors’ faces look like.

Check out these fabulous vintage patterns I won in Melissa’s giveaway on Scavenger Hunt. This was my first time winning a blog contest. Thank you so much Melissa!

vintage patterns, made by Julianne

These two are my particular favorites:

vintage patterns, made by Julianne

The dress will definitely have to wait until September, but that apron could be pretty rad around camp at Burning Man. I have so many projects in the works, for myself and clients, that I don’t think it will be happening. But I do have some outrageous yellow and green Hawaiian fabric… Silver bodysuit comes first though!

Most of my client work right now isn’t even Burning Man related, and half of it is covered by NDA and the other half is technically boring, as far as blog posts go. So heads up, don’t expect a ton of updates between now and September.

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