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FREEDOM FRY retro orange outfits


I’ve recently connected with the Los Angeles band Freedom Fry, and they asked me to make a set of outfits. The leaders of the band are Marie and Bruce, who are also married to each other. Marie used to work as a stylist, and had a very clear idea of the band’s look and vintage influences.

It was great to work with such an informed yet flexible client! They’re both charming, and creative, and funny, and when they come for a fitting it usually lasts for hours.


I based the dress pattern on an old favorite of Marie’s, with modifications. Bruce’s shirt was an exact copy of one from his wardrobe. I really enjoy sewing men’s button shirts; they are crisp and precise and so satisfying!



IMG_2891 Freedom Fry outfits, made by Julianne

I really enjoyed the challenge of the print, and having the designs match up. I’m really proud of this attention to detail! Of course it takes forethought and effort, but what’s the point of making anything at all if it’s not going to be perfect? This is not my mantra by any means, but I say it to myself anyway and laugh, and then get back to work.



 Freedom Fry outfits, made by Julianne8 IMG_2849

I’ve created garments for a few musicians lately, and it’s work that I really enjoy. I usually listen to my client’s music as I prepare and cut the fabric. Stage wardrobes are more daring than street clothes, and can actively help tell the songs’ stories. It’s such a pleasure to connect with another creator and to contribute to their art.

Freedom Fry at SXSW

They wore these outfits at SXSW, along with another set I will share soon. There’s also a third set of outfits that will be on their upcoming west coast tour! See how busy I’ve been?!

Freedom Fry outfits, made by Julianne





Isn’t my husband so cute? We took these pictures at LACMA’s Stanley Kubrick exhibit, which was very cool.

men's button shirt

Jason’s office is creative and casual enough that he wears a tee shirt just about every single day, but I decided that he needed a new button-down shirt anyway. Sometimes a tee shirt doesn’t cut it, but he should still be able to dress a little fancy (by which I mean different, and often in strange patterns).

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men's button shirt men's button shirt

I used Simplicity 5366. The pattern’s measurements classified Jason as large, but I wound up taking the whole shirt in to a medium. I found the cuff placket to be a little confusing (it was my first time!), but otherwise the shirt went together very easily and rather quickly.

It was really satisfying to just cut out a pattern and make a shirt, with no modifications or major design decisions. Almost automatic. This shirt wound up being the wearable muslin for Jason’s wedding shirt, which will eventually be posted…

men's button shirt men's button shirt collar men's button shirt

My beloved Pfaff doesn’t have an automatic buttonhole feature, but I honestly enjoy taking the time to make the buttonholes manually (but still on the machine). Obviously I have much more control, and I was never completely satisfied with that function on my Singer. I hardly ever need buttonholes anyway.

At some point I will make the western-style version of the pattern. I might try Collete’s Negroni some day, but Jason hardly wears this style shirt as it is, so why invest in a collection of patterns?

shirt at LACMA shirt at LACMA

I made his pants too, from a very soft upholstery velvet. Maybe one day I’ll get a post just for those.