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I am so gloriously busy finishing up projects for Burning Man that I really shouldn’t be starting any new ones. But in the middle of working on one new costume I realized that I needed a pink and gold top hat. Yes, I could have definitely found one at the Beautilities store around the corner, but I also knew I could make it myself. And so, voila, the $1 top hat!

top hat top hat top hat

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I made it out of scrap cardboard, which of course I got from Fabric Planet (EVERYTHING I make comes from that store, even if it’s using trash). I used hot glue and some packing tape to keep the cardboard together. The base was a little rough–you could see the seams and bends of the cardboard very easily– so I covered it with some foam shelf liner I had lying around.

top hat in progress top hat

The hat was then covered in this AMAZING mirror gold that I suspect is actually vinyl wallpaper (wouldn’t it be fabulous in a powder room?). I can’t get over how beautiful the reflections are, but unfortunately it scuffs very easily. For the top I cut out a spiral from a gift bag, which I just can’t wait to see under the lights of the Sensatron on the playa!

top hat garnish

The pink glitter lycras are scraps from a new bodysuit I’m making, as is the ruffle gold. I added on some Mardi Gras beads, and the flower applique came from Fabric Planet as well.

top hat top hat top hat

Now that I’ve got that lagniappe project finished, I’ve realized I need a pink and gold light up cane. We’ll see about that one.





I’ve always loved the colorful market baskets sold at certain expensive stores for way more money than I can justify spending, but I recently realized that I could make my own using the same technique as the coiled fabric bowls.

coiled fabric basket coiled fabric basket

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This basket is huge (about 16″ diameter), and the stitching is so strong that I never worry about loading it up with whatever needs to be hauled. Conveniently it fits pretty well in the front bicycle basket I have and is easy to strap down to my rear rack, making it great for a trip to the grocery store, or for carry towels to the beach. Of course I love the comments I get from strangers!

coiled fabric basket coiled fabric basket

It’s really to same process as the smaller bowls, just on a larger scale. It did get a little unwieldy on my machine, but nothing that a little patience and determination couldn’t conquer. The project took about 6 hours, and I think it’s about 30 yards of rope, although unfortunately I’m not positive about the exact length.




I wanted to make something special for one of my loveliest friend’s birthday in July. She already has a massive collection of summer dresses, so I figured one more wouldn’t hurt. She’s way cool and like bike rides but also works in an office, so I designed something that would be perfect for work and the all night party that follows.

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Annie's birthday dress

This jersey has a wonderful weight to it, and the print is sophisticated without being boring. It’s got lots of different tones but isn’t garish at all. What’s more, the small print will hide a variety of stains, as Annie proved when we were out to lunch over the weekend. To me, the print looks like it was made with a small bristly paintbrush, and I’m calling it “a lady’s camouflage.”

The belt is sewn into the dress with elastic underneath to give it some structure, as well as to emphasize the green in the print, which is Annie’s favorite color. There’s also a pocket on the front that is hidden by the pattern that’s the perfect size for a set of keys and a iPod for a bike ride.

annie birthday dress

I made the dress in Los Angeles while imagining Annie’s figure, and I’m so glad that it fits her so well! Doesn’t she look like the quintessential Southern lady? No wonder her middle name is Scarlette!

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