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Here’s another version of my striped dress, made for my friend Annie. I used a gray and blue striped jersey that we have at Fabric Planet now (brought from the warehouse specifically for this dress!).

we're all cat ladies around here

Annie's striped dress Annie's striped dress Annie's striped dress

Annie requested that the neckline on her’s be a little lower “to shake what is is my mama gave me,” and shake it she does.

The shorter sleeves and lower neck give the dress a 50s ballerina feel, which is why the pockets don’t quite work on this incarnation of the dress. Annie’s dress turned out so well that I was incredibly tempted to make myself another dress with the extra fabric, but I don’t want repeats in my wardrobe, and what scandal there would be if we were to show up at a bar in matching dresses!

Annie's striped dress

Actually now that I think about it, it would be fabulous.




Lately I’ve felt that there’s a gap in my wardrobe: a durable skirt that works for biking as well as out-and-about, something durable with scissor-sized pockets for work, and in a versatile color and fabric for year-round wear. I’m really happy with the design of this skirt, which I feel is vaguely utili-kilt-y, but in a good way.

purple denim skirt purple denim skirt from behind purple denim skirt

I used a grayish-lavender stretch denim twill from Fabric Planet. As is my habit when working with denim, I used the “wrong” side of the fabric so that the tell-tale diagonal weave is on the inside of the skirt.

purple denim skirt detail The skirt is made out of four panels, with a waistband that dips down to a button placket in the front and two lined back pockets. I’m really happy with the stretchiness of the fabric in the waistband–it is so comfortable! I used an elastic lace as hem tape, which work surprisingly well. I stretched the elastic slightly as I was sewing it to the cut bottom, which pulled in the flair of the skirt when I flipped the hem up. There was no bunching or gathering.

I sewed the buttonholes by hand because I usually don’t like the way buttonholes turn out on stretch fabric when I use my machine. All the stitching is done in a fuchsia thread that gives the skirt a bit of a kick.

The only drawback I’ve discovered is that this fabric is a lint magnet. I can’t just brush off the inevitable threads and clippings that I generate on a constant basis–instead I have to get out a strip of packing tape. This isn’t really a big deal, but it’s something for me to consider in the future.




striped jersey dress striped jersey dress striped jersey dress, back view

I’m usually not a fan of long-sleeved dresses. To me, they tend to look either juvenile, matronly, or 80s (or all three!). So when I came across a designer dress that was hip and warm I jumped at the chance to replicate it.

striped jersey dress striped jersey dress striped jersey dress

So yes, technically this dress is a knockoff of Wendy Mullin’s Weimar dress. Of course I made some changes to the design: full-length sleeves, a tighter fit in the top, and I rotated the skirt pattern so that the stripes would run vertically (this completely transformed the way the dress looked on me).

I used a thick white and navy jersey I got from JJ Fabrics in the Fashion District (JJ is Fabric Planet’s downtown location). I used 3 yards of material, although I could maybe do it in 2.

I’ve been so happy with this dress. On warmer days (the temperature’s been fluctuating like crazy in LA) I can wear it alone, but for colder days or evenings at the beach it’s great with leggings and a sweater. I’m looking forward to getting lots of use out of this.

striped jersey dress striped jersey dress striped jersey pocket

I drew up a pattern as I made this dress, which is pretty straight-forward. The sleeves and the body of the top are one piece, with two pieces making the front. The skirt is just a 50″ rectangle of fabric sewn into a tube and gathered at the top with elastic, which is then sewn to the body.

I made another dress in a similar fabric for a NOLA friend, and I’m currently working on a plaid version for my boss/buddy in LA, so stay tuned for those.

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