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My latest painting project at Regeneration Springs is also my biggest. The deck surface is 16’ square, although there is a large hole in the center which cuts down on surface area.

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by Julianne
This cold tub was built behind the massage studio, as a relaxing alternative to the swimming pool. All of the water comes from a well, and is wonderful to drink and bathe in. I stood in the pool to paint, though occasionally I climbed out and sat on a dry section of deck, or stood on the ground around the platform. I’d been concerned about my posture, but this variety of positions allowed me to adjust and be comfortable (so long as I worked in the shade).

My client supplied the themes of each panel and some references, while I designed the imagery and the aesthetics followed my previous work at the site. The core of the design is the Toaist bagua, supplemented by Native American and local symbolism, as well as centrality of the navel. It was a very peaceful project to work on!

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by JulianneFire, heart, purpose: The flames catalyze angular lines into sinuous smoke. The water in the background is the lower drainage pond.

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by JulianneInner earth, stomach, sense of self: There are many layers between the core and the outward self, but they can be connected.

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by JulianneMetal / lake, lung, emotion: The smoke plumes are deep sea vents that release minerals into the ocean, the jellyfish abides.

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by JulianneHeaven / metal, maturity, presence, security. The step up to the deck is behind and below the sun. This deep blue/violet represents cosmic life energy in my work (it’s the first color I ever ‘hallucinated’ and Oliver Sacks backs me up, though I’m not full indigo here).

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by JulianneWater, kidney, instinct, endurance and transformation. The water’s flow and fluidity is the red lines. This pipe normally has a stronger flow of water but was turned to a trickle during the work.

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by JulianneEarth, support, change: The arms protect and nurture the circle’s transformation, like an egg floating in the uterine universe.

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by JulianneWood / thunder, nervous system, elder tree: The hollow core of the elder tree allows the energy of the lightning and dendrites to move inward and outward.

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by JulianneWind, liver, problem solving: The red neuron blossoms into an elder flower, the leaves are ideas that are shared in the wind.

Transformation is a constant theme in every panel. The lines change and evolve, but are still connected to their origins and are always beautiful, so long as you can accept the change.

I took these panoramas from the center of the pool.

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by Julianne

Regeneration Springs deck painting, made by Julianne

And some in-progress shots!

work in progress, made by Juliannework in progress, made by Julianne

work in progress, made by Julianne

work in progress, made by Julianne

work in progress, made by Julianne work in progress, made by Julianne work in progress, made by Julianne  work in progress, made by Juliannework in progress, made by Julianne




PRE-BIRTHDAY DRESS inspiration and design


It’s almost time to start delaying on this year’s birthday dress!

Every year I gift myself fabric for a new dress, but this year I’ve sweetened the swag by removing any idea that the dress will be ready for my birthday. My professional sewing work is ruled by deadlines (and I have to make 3 other dresses before my birthday), so it’s rare that I get to create without keeping an eye on the clock. Happy belated birthday to me!

I wasn’t even thinking ‘birthday dress’ but when I came across this aqua, orange, and gold lycra at Blue Moon last month, I knew it had to be mine. But now what?

birthday dress 2015

I’m having trouble coming up with a design. I spent an hour coming up with this sketch, and I’m not convinced it’s the best.

birthday dress 2015

There was a break in the print every yard, so that’s all I got. I want to add in another fabric for contrast, and also for length. I feel like the lycra should be at the top of the dress, so that the gold is near my face and not wearing off from the seat of the dress, because of course I will be riding my bike. The fabric is long enough that I could have it be the entire top of the dress, with only 6-8″ border of a contrasting fabric at the bottom.

My original idea had been to match the light aqua, but now I’m considering adding in an entirely new color. Of course my first thought is goldenrod, or some other shade of yellow. Yellow makes me happy, and my last two birthday dresses have been yellow. The yellow fabric in the photo is a scrap of jersey, and I know where to get more. But I’m thinking different fabric, same color. I don’t want the weight of a lined jersey skirt stretching out the lycra top, so I’m thinking woven fabric.

So now onto pattern. Lately I’ve been wearing sheath-style dresses, without a defined waist. I’m not nuts about a bisected dress that looks like a shirt tucked into a skirt, but I could be swayed.

The stretchy fabric tempts me into cutting sleeves, because I wouldn’t really have to worry about ease. Most of my dresses are sleeveless, with a couple short sleeves. Would lycra sleeves be too warm? And what about pit stains?

And then of course, there are those stripes! Am I to just cut the dress on grain, without playing up diagonal lines that match up perfectly? The fabric already has a lot going on, but it’s hard to imagine playing it safe with horizontal stripes.

birthday dress sketches

Here are some inspiration dresses, in no particular order:

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And then there’s always the possibility of just making a dope top. Too many possibilities!

Are there any new patterns that you’re excited about? What garment do you imagine when you see that gold spandex? What should the centerpiece of my 28-year-old wardrobe be?! Suggestions welcome.