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When my neighbor saw these new masks she said “This is a little more S&M than your usual style.” I’m not sure how or why this design popped into my head, but once it was there I just had to make these zippered masks, which sold out right away in my Etsy shop (thank you!).

crayon zipper mask glam zipper mask copper candy mask dollface mask

Of course I made them with Burning Man in mind. They’re designed so that you can wear your mask during dust storms but still take a drink of water or whatever else you want to put in your mouth. They’re so bizarre that I think people will be wearing them even when the air is clear. I think they’re incredibly creepy (clown nightmares come to mind), but I have a friend who insists that they would be perfect for doctors, especially pediatricians.

copper candy zipper mask crayon mask dollface mask glam mask

They’re all made out of lycra, except the copper which is made from vintage pants. The straps are made out of elastic and are adjustable, just like bra straps. True to form, all the materials came from Fabric Planet.

I keep seeing these as ninja masks too. Not very sneaky ninja masks, but they do make for a quick disguise.

At this point these are all gone, but you can see more styles in my Etsy shop!




As awesome as this top looks on me, I actually designed it for a flamboyant gay man wearing fur boots at a rave.

electric candy electric candy


electric candy electric candy electric candy

Now when I brought it to work Jordan told me she could see 13 year old girls buying it at the mall, but that’s fine too.

This fabric is so cool! Neon pink mesh with more stretch than you know what to do with, elastic trim at the neck, arm, and bottom, topped off by a bright gold zipper! I’m wearing a tank top for the pictures, but it looks especially awesome with nothing underneath. It’s pure psychedelic psex! You can find it in my Etsy shop.

On a personal note, I’m getting a little batty with all this awesome sewing. I can’t look at a fabric without seeing leggings, and between designing, cutting, sewing, photographing, and posting all of these beautiful things I love to make I haven’t had time to make a single thing for myself, and less than 2 months till the burn! Not that I’m complaining, because I really love what I’m doing, but at some point I need to make a costume for myself!




You all know I’m a big fan of skin-tight leggings, but sometimes you just don’t feel like showing it off that much. With that in mind, I made some lounge pants that are still sexy and very sensual. Maybe you call them harem pants, but they could also be worn by a genie or a very fabulous pirate.

blue genie pants blue genie pants blue genie pants

blue genie pants They are loose and breezy, so perfect for hot afternoons by the pool or swashbuckling on the playa. The thin elastic keeps the pants up without digging into soft bellies, and the wide waistband prevents any muffin top action from happening.  Because there is so much stretch in the fabric and construction, they will fit just about any body and still be incredibly comfortable!

They’re made out of this fantastic pearly metallic lycra from Fabric Planet (but that fabric is long gone, sorry). I used fold-over elastic for the waist and leg bands.

coral genie pants coral genie pants coral genie pants

I also made a pair for myself (and matching bikini!) and I always love wearing them.

Get your own pants now in my Etsy shop!

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