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Lately I’ve been spending time in Monterey, which is a friendly and beautiful town. One of our favorite parts about being on the peninsula is eating at il vecchio (which is actually next door in Pacific Grove). They make their gnocchi fresh daily, and their pesto is just about the most flavorful and nuanced that I’ve ever tasted.

And the point of this is: I made a couple vests for the restaurant. The proprieter and I went shopping at Beverly’s together, and picked out this damask batik quilting cotton, which I think is such a funny combination. I like to imagine that the fabric was dyed with wine.

custom server vest, made by Julianne

custom server vest, made by Julianne


I made one male sample, and one sample for ladies. Besides size, the only difference is a bust dart. Both versions have back ties, lined front panels, facings at the back neck and arms, and buttons.

custom server vest, made by Juliannecustom server vest, made by Julianne These are obviously not my best photographs, because I was in a super hurry to get them shipped before the post office closed (and I made it!).

custom server vest, made by Julianne

In the end, the staff declared the fabric a little “Mississippi Riverboat Gambler” which I totally see, and then they decided to scrap the vests altogether.

I know this project isn’t terribly exciting, but such is the life of a professional seamstress. And now, back to work!

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  1. aleah

    Crazy coincidance time: when I was a kid my family and our family friends traveled to Monterey every summer for the motorcycle races at Laguna Seca, and Il Vechio was like our home base! We ate there every time, got to know the owner (might not be the same folks now, this was in the mid-90s), and the food was amazing. My mom is an italian chef so she’s really picky about italian food, but this was the first restaurant I remember her approving of entirely. Glad it’s still there and still awesome! (clearly not just because of the gnocchi but also because they had the good sense to hire you… and to ultimately veto this fabric…)

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