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I was picking up some basic supplies at Joann Fabrics when another customer asked my opinion on some fabrics she had selected. Always ready to share my ideas about color, I enthusiastically helped and before I knew it I had been asked to make the quilt myself. It’s my client’s own idea for the design, and really I only helped with the fabric selection (and I love her choice of batiks!). This quilt was given to my client’s friend.

baby sea turtle quilt, made by Julianne


The finished blanket is about 40 x 40″ which seems perfect for a little baby. The X stitches in the background are on a 4″ grid. This is the first quilt I made since 2007.

baby sea turtle quilt, made by Julianne

There is an extra layer of batting beneath the shell to give it extra dimensionality.

baby sea turtle quilt, made by Julianne

My husband and I made a trip up to Santa Cruz and San Francisco around New Year’s Eve, and I brought the blanket with me.

baby sea turtle quilt, made by Julianne

This was a feel-good project to work on (especially during a cold snap). The client was thrilled, and I hope the family has many lovey years with this blanket.

baby sea turtle quilt, made by Julianne

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  1. Tressie rollins

    My nephew loves the ocean and sea turtles and so I was wondering if you could give tips on making something similar and also where I could get fabric like this one? Thank you for any help!

    • Julianne Post author

      Hi Tressie! My client bought all these fabrics at Joann. Most fabric stores have a section devoted to quilting cottons. In terms of how to make a quilt, you may be able to find a local or online quilting class.

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