Yippie ki-yay y’all, we’re off to the Glitter Rainbow Rodeo!

rainbow fringe leggings

rainbow fringe

Obviously it was hard to pick just a few photos! Jason is a great photographer! But I think the two above are my favorite.

rainbow fringe rainbow fringe leggings

rainbow fringe leggings rainbow fringe leggings

rainbow eyes I don’t think I need to even say it, but this is my most favorite outfit ever. If you’re coming to Lightning in a Bottle keep your eyes out for the rainbow mess that is me. Complete with rainbow eyelashes! Whenever Jason goes away on a business trip without me, he brings back fabulous makeup things.

rainbow fringe waist

These pants are perfect for dancing cowboys or Indians! They’re disco-tastic, super comfortable, and make me feel absolutely awesome. Seriously, you cannot stand still if you’re wearing these leggings.

Some people are afraid of tight metallic pants, but I’ve always felt like they glossed over parts of my body that I’m less comfortable with. From my experiences at Burning Man, I get more attention (from men and women, sexual and just plain awesome) with glittery fabric stretched over my body than when I’m completely nude. Which all adds up to say that you don’t have to have a perfect body to look perfect in metallic lycra.

I think this is my favorite waistband yet. It’s super comfortable and super sexy. Yeehaw!

rainbow fringe leggings

I used a very stretchy silver lycra for the pants. The fringe is made from 5/8″ strips of foldover elastic, which comes in a million bright colors and has a great flow to it. The ends are all seared to prevent the elastic from fraying at all. The gold strip isn’t really functional, but I think it gives a nice fly attitude to the leggings.

As usual, all the materials came from Fabric Planet. As for the inspiration, there’s no telling where I get this stuff from.

I’ll definitely be using this same technique to make different color schemes. In the meantime, go ahead and order a pair on Etsy!

Of course I made everything else in the outfit too (except the amazing pinwheel), but you’ll have to wait a couple weeks till I have all that posted as well.

rainbow eyes rainbow pinwheel disco ladybug