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I recently decided that I need to “turn up the volume” on my designs. Y’all were thinking the same thing, right?

msytic jigsaw coat msytic jigsaw coat

msytic jigsaw coat msytic jigsaw coat

This jacket will be perfect for Burning Man, so I recommend buying it from my Etsy shop now!

The shell is a insane upholstery fabric that I can’t imagine on a sofa for the life of me. I can’t decide if it’s psychedelic puzzle pieces or a scrambled sunset. I used minky lining, which is softer than the fluffiest kitten of your dreams. I think it’s a zebra, but it could always be a white tiger. Instead of a wolf in sheep’s clothing it’s a tiger in zebra’s clothing!

Mystic Jigsaw coat Mystic Jigsaw coat

I used plastic boning to keep the hood open, and the stiffness of the fabric keeps it pointing skyward. It’s like the Rainbow chapter of the KKK.

Mystic Jigsaw coat pocket detail Mystic Jigsaw coat pompom detail Mystic Jigsaw coat fringe detail

I absolutely love the teal pompom trim, and who wouldn’t? It’s bright, silly, and kitschy, and the pompoms move when you jump up and down. I used some golden fringe with a tribal design at the hem. It reminds me of tinsel fringe at the bottom of Mardi Gras floats! Basically this jacket is a mish-mash of all my favorite psychedelic fantasties.

Mystic Jigsaw coat zipper

Mystic Jigsaw coat As in all my coats, this one has a two-way zipper. It can be zipped up just like your average hoodie zipper, but there’s a second head that lets you open it up from the bottom. You can wear the jacket like a cape, and the zipper makes it easy to ride a bike and really move your legs without taking it off. Plus it’s bright purple.

I got an ungodly (atheist humor) amount of this fabric, so there will be plenty more pieces made, including vests, a laptop case for Mr. Siadek, and my own playa-rific jacket. Bet you can’t wait!


  1. Katyaskvo

    Hi Julianne,
    Super cool coat! And the fabric, mmm… so bright!
    I thought it will be perfect for my idea too: to make pants from that kind of fabric for Symbiosis.
    Searched the internet and couldn’t find it 🙁
    If it’s not a big secret, could you give me a link to the store selling this fabric?



  2. oonaballoona

    WOW. that coat is technicolor crazy goodness!!! and i was eyeing that yellow trim in the red color way (great minds?) but i (unfortunately) held myself back…

    it was so nice to meet you today!

  3. Julianne Post author

    I have recently unearthed several amazing new fringes. In the next week we’ll have them all up, plus those discount bins I was telling you about. I’m there Monday-Friday and never leave before 3!

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